Favorite New Favorites of 2017

Favorite knitting patterns of 2017

Every December, I go back through the year’s New Favorites posts to see what patterns I had highlighted along the way and which of them I don’t want to lose track of as we head into another year of endless knitting temptations. The best of the best are always the ones I didn’t need reminded of because they’ve never stopped tapping a finger on my brain — I’ve gone back to them repeatedly, thought about yarns and colors and usefulness. This narrowed-down list leaves out so many beautiful and worthwhile patterns (scroll through the whole series to see) but these are ones I can most imagine having on my needles at some point. And by the way, I still want to make every single thing in last year’s list.

I’m reluctant to call Michele Wang’s simple-but-perfect Charles Pullover (above) the “Best” pattern of the year necessarily, but it’s the one I absolutely cannot get out of my brain, and definitely my very Favorite New Favorite. We’re into the time of year where I want to have on a big cozy turtleneck every single day, and my only one is 15 years old and looking it. So there’s an excellent chance this one will go from Fave to Made. (As seen in Mildly mannish cables)

Favorite knitting patterns of 2017

top: Massaman by Elizabeth Smith (as seen in Massaman set)
middle left: Galloway* by Jared Flood (as seen in From BT fall/holiday)
middle right: Anker’s Sweater by PetiteKnit (as seen in Banded ribs)
bottom left: Vodka on the Rocks by Thea Colman (as seen in Vodka on the Rocks)
bottom right: Whelk by Martin Storey (as seen in Whelk)

Favorite knitting patterns of 2017

Veronika* by Shannon Cook (as seen in Veronika)

Favorite knitting patterns of 2017

top: Binary by Michele Wang (as seen in Texture by the yard)
bottom left: Facade by Shellie Anderson (as seen in Texture by the yard)
bottom right: Baedecker by Marina Skua (as seen in Baedecker)

Best knitting patterns of 2017

top left: Bulletproof Aran Hat by Chuck Wright (as seen in Aran-style hats)
top right: Voe Hat by Gudrun Johnston (as seen in From BT fall/holiday)
middle left: Huck* by Norah Gaughan (as seen in Huck)
middle right: Miguel Hat by Rosa Pomar (as seen in Holiday hat mania)
bottom left: The Adrian by Armenuhi Khachatryan (as seen in Adrian)
bottom right: Tincture by Andrea Mowry (as seen in Someday vs Right Away: Mosaic knitting)

Best knitting patterns of 2017

Flaps by Cindy Pilon (as seen in Quickies! aka last-minute gifts)
Hansdatter Slippers* by Kristin Drysdale (as seen in Colorwork slippers)
Hot Chocolate Socks by Irina Dmitrieva (as seen in House socks)
Seamed Socks by Purl Soho (free pattern; as seen in House socks)

I feel like 2018 could be the year I finally knit my first scarf! How about you — what were your favorite patterns of the year?

*Asterisked patterns have been sent to me by the designer or publisher in the interim. I do not request that from anyone, but do feel compelled to note it.


PREVIOUSLY in New Favorites: Quickies! (aka last-minute gifts)





15 thoughts on “Favorite New Favorites of 2017

  1. I love these lists and just yesterday scrolled through several years of New Favorites for inspiration! I can’t get that turtleneck out of my head either – really love that color – but most want to knit a Bellows-esque cardigan next so am resisting the turtleneck until I figure this out. Hmmm.

  2. Love simple classic designs with minimal flourishes and your choices are just right. Was not surprised this morning when a few of your choices were already in my favorites. Your bestie was not however and it’s lovely. Really liking Michele Wang’s simpler take on cables which works well in less severe winter climates.

  3. Always an inspiration, Karen, thanks. My sister in law is getting the Flaps for xmas- I was struggling with what felt like a missing piece in her holiday gift:eh, voila, there it is! Purchased the pattern, downloaded and casting on this afternoon! Phew! Someday, I’ll knit you some Angel Wings!

  4. Pretty much a perfect queue! Were we twins separated at birth, or what? ;) Feeling kinda smug over here since I’ve already got my Wearable Blanket aka Veronika (which by the way is pretty much the most chic and flattering garment ever) so I guess that means I should think about which of these gorgeous things to make next… <3

  5. Thanks for more inspiration. I hadn’t seen the Charles Pullover, but I, too, have been wearing my one knitted turtleneck ALOT and needing make more.

  6. My favorite me-made of 2017 was Gudrun Johnston’s Hansel half-Hap. I made it in Brooklyn Tweed Loft, and riffed off of Carmenatalie’s colorway (thanks Carmenatalie wherever you are!):


    My favorite looking-forward-to-making in 2018 (in BT Loft leftovers!) is GJ’s Voe hat:


    And I would love love love to make The Twigs – it’s pretty much perfection!


    Thanks for askin’

    PS – Love your blog, as a source of inspiration – both in the finding of ideas&yarns&patterns, and in the inspiration to “make”.

  7. I’ve fallen, deeply, down the colourwork rabbit hole and can’t see my way out. I’m obsessed with all things Shetland especially the knitting from the north and Shetland pattern books (Hillary Grant and Marie Wallins respectively) every single god damn pattern combines tradition and moderninity in different measures. Urgh I could wax lyrical about them all day. Some beautiful patterns above though Karen. Those scarvesssssss, I am also hoping 2018 will be the year of the first scarf after a decade of knitting!

  8. I’ve been thinking about Humulus and the Comfort Fade Cardi. I won’t make them–I prefer to design my own, that’s where the pleasure lies for me–but I’ll end up incorporating some elements that I like. And I agree that Galloway is beautiful, although I prefer the “Goldsmith” colourway.

  9. Ohhhh my gosh!!! I’m beyond flattered to have Veronika make this list! Seriously – it’s a highlight of my year that you loved Veronika! Thanks so much for the compliment! xoxoxo Happy holidays!

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