New Favorites: Adrian

New Favorites: Adrian

Easily one of my favorite knitting patterns I’ve seen lately is a lovely little cable hat called The Adrian, by Armenuhi Khachatryan, so I was really excited when it showed up in the starting brackets for MDK March Mayhem and sad it didn’t make it any farther in the competition. I just think it’s so striking and unusual how the cables are deployed here, and if you sit and follow the path of those cables with your eyeballs, your fingers will start twitching with the urge to knit them. Irresistible, this one.


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8 thoughts on “New Favorites: Adrian

  1. I love that hat, too! It just has that thing about it.

    Bon voyage, cherie! Can’t wait to hear your adventures.

  2. So agree. It’s definitely a one more row pattern. I was privileged enough to test knit this as it was a blast. Love how Am’s design brain works…

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