New Favorites: from The Artisan

New Favorites: from The Artisan

You guys know how much I’ve loved some of Helga Isager’s past collections (2012, 2013, 2014), and when the images from her new book, The Artisan, started showing up on the Internet, I knew I was not only going to be saving a ton of them at Ravelry for later, but that I would want to stock this one in the shop. It arrived last night (the English version) and I swear I almost slept with it under my pillow, hoping I could wake up inside of it. The whole thing is incredible, but my top picks are:

TOP: Pearls – an allover diagonal-stitch pullover

BOTTOM LEFT: Birch – a cozy slouchy cocoon cardigan

BOTTOM RIGHT: Twine – a fuzzy little cabled turtleneck

You can see the whole pattern set at Ravelry and pick up a copy of the book at Fringe Supply Co.!

p.s. If you’ve had your eye on the black Field Bag, please be aware it’s now in limited supply, so get it while they last!


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17 thoughts on “New Favorites: from The Artisan

  1. Much excitement! I’ve been waiting for the English version for that Birch sweater!

  2. Such beautiful pieces! Time to start queueing! But the shoes that the model is wearing in the Pearls photo are probably going to become my greatest obsession…

  3. I love the edging stitch on the Birch. Usually, I avoid knitting a sweater with really small needles but theses sweaters might tempt me to try.

  4. Been a fan of Isager’s ever since her book of classic knits came out. Those diagonal lines are a signature feature of her work.

  5. I think the bed linen is from IKEA so yes, you could almost literally wake up in it.

  6. The first thing I saw and homed in on were the shoes can you imagine the soft leather ? I was always a fan of Isager

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