New Favorites: Helga Isager’s birds

helga isager amimono 4 robin raven sweater knitting patterns

Meg was kind enough to enlighten me (in the comments here) about Danish designer Helga Isager and her Amimono series of pattern books, available in the US. I haven’t yet seen any of them in person, but a new one has been popping up all over my Internet trail this week, and it’s more of the loveliness. Amimono book 4 is titled The Bird Collection and includes seven designs for women and six for kids. Above are my favorites, Robin and Raven, plus Swallow, below. Do you think that’s Helga herself in the pics?

helga isager amimono 4 swallow sweater knitting pattern

22 thoughts on “New Favorites: Helga Isager’s birds

  1. Oh! I need to learn to knit with my toes. Or never do anything except sit on the sofa needles in hand. I suspect the family might complain about the last one…toes it is!

  2. Wow, I love how these designers always present their new designs in such a beautiful way (think Brooklyn Tweed, Shibui etc.). It makes picking which one to make sooooo much more difficult!

    p.s. on my second basket weave cowl. I am hoping that this one won’t be ‘claimed’ by a family member this time.

  3. Yes, the book we have is in english, though I’ve just been gone a few weeks and hope that there are still some left! I work tomorrow and will update you. We do ship :)

  4. Alas, ladies, the book is gone. No more but I’m certain there will be more in the future. I’ll post here again (or maybe the store blog will beat me to it!) when we get more in.
    And, yes, only one Anie at the store so far~thank you for your sweet words. Would love to see you again soon!

  5. So, after your first post about Helga Isager, reminding me how I love her designs, I set out to locate and purchase the missing Amimono pattern books. Happy to say, after about a 100 emails ( not an exaggeration), they have all been acquired! Tutto a Mano, in New Mexico is the distributor in the US for Helga and Marianne, I found The Bird Collection book there. You MUST get a copy. Perfect in every way. Your last post about Helga mostly had patterns from the 2009 Amimono booklet…now out of print. This was the hardest one for me to find…found it at Knitty City, a shop in New York. Also, a MUST get. I have the Granite pullover on needles now and can not knit fast enough on these teeny tiny needles…perhaps ready for winter NEXT year.

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