DIY Universal Works pompom hat

knit pompom cable hat

This hat will not leave me alone. I can go maybe eight hours before I find myself looking for the browser tab in which the image is displayed so I can gaze at it again. Equal parts restrained and charming, it’s by David Keyte of Universal Works. And while it’s designed for guys, it strikes me as perfectly unisex in this palette (notwithstanding the pompom). It wouldn’t be too difficult to reverse engineer that diamond pattern*, but you could also go with this simple cable hat pattern and knit it in some nice tweedy yarn — say, Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Woodsmoke and Hayloft. I might really have to do that.


*If anyone knows of an existing pattern closer to this one, please link it in the comments!

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    I am also deeply in love with this hat now that Fringe has shared its amazing awesome. The great thing – When you click the Wittmore site and enlarge through zoom – you can clearly see stitch details to count off a pattern. That may make this a rather easy hat to duplicate !

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