Fringe Hatalong No. 5: Seathwaite by Kate Gagnon Osborn

Fringe Hatalong No. 5: Seathwaite by Kate Gagnon Osborn (free pattern)

I knew from the outset that I wanted the October hat for the Fringe Hatalong Series to be a cable hat, and one of my favorites is by my friend Kate Gagnon Osborn (of Kelbourne Woolens, distributors of The Fibre Co. yarns). When I asked her if there was any chance of using it, she suggested designing a whole new pattern for us, and the result is Seathwaite, modeled here by Kate herself. Seathwaite is a gorgeous beanie with a toasty double-thick brim and allover cable patterning that looks jaw-dropping but is doable even if you’re new to cables. There are only three different cable crosses involved, with cabling on every other round, so it will be easy if you’re an old hand, and a good challenge and lots of great practice if it’s your first time. As noted in the preview, the pattern is written for The Fibre Co’s new Cumbria yarn, which is a fantastic blend of Merino, Masham and Mohair, and I’m super excited to knit with it. Thank you so much for creating this hat for us, Kate!

See the preview post for additional yarn guidance and download the free pattern to get started. And be sure to share your progress everywhere with hashtag #fringehatalong.


Gauge for this pattern is given as 20 sts (one chart width) = 2.75″, so what you can do is simply knit one repeat of the chart and 4″ of row height and measure that. To keep the edge stitches from being wonky and throwing off your measurement, cast on a couple of extra stitches at each end and work those in garter stitch. Then just measure the 20 pattern sts in the center to get your width. You’ll also need to swatch “in the round.” (See Ysolda’s tutorial if that’s new to you.)


Charts: Everything I said about lace charts holds true here — working from the bottom right corner, how to make it less intimidating, etc. So review that if needed. (See also the chart-reading tutorials on the Kelbourne Woolens blog.)

Provisional cast-on: Kate has posted a tutorial on the Kelbourne blog for their preferred method, which is the crochet method. You may use any provisional cast-on you like for this hat.

Knitting cables: See my intro to cables, for beginners, and Kate’s how to cable without a cable needle if you want to advance your skills

Fixing cables: If you cross a cable the wrong direction and don’t notice it right away, never fear — it can be repaired! The Yarn Harlot’s tutorial taught me this incredibly empowering technique and changed my knitting life in the process. Mistakes are awesome growth opportunities!


For those inclined to donate their hats, this month I want to highlight another group providing warmth and aid to Syrian refugees, organized by knitting designer Laura Nelkin and functioning as Knitting for Munich. You can see all the details at that link, but their next shipment will be going out in mid-November so the timing is good for helping with this effort! If you’re planning to donate, email for where to send your hat.

DOWNLOAD THE SEATHWAITE HAT PATTERN and remember to share your progress with hashtag #fringehatalong wherever you post. Also be sure to fave/queue the pattern at Ravelry. I’ll be on the lookout for photos everywhere, and will be answering questions posted in the comments below. (Sorry, I’m not able to reliably answer questions across multiple platforms!)

Happy cabling!

Fringe Hatalong No. 5: Seathwaite by Kate Gagnon Osborn (free pattern)

Photos by Anna Dianich

55 thoughts on “Fringe Hatalong No. 5: Seathwaite by Kate Gagnon Osborn

  1. I cannot wait to cast on! I am looking forward to using the new Cumbria and knitting this hat. Thank you for the hatalong.

  2. I don’t wear hats (it’s rarely cold enough here) but my daughter in law, who’s a runner, wants a cable hat and this looks like a likely candidate. So I’ll be looking for yarn this weekend. If I survive this very busy week!

  3. Well, this is absolutely gorgeous! I’m joining the “have stash, will cast on today” group! Thank you Karen! Thank you Kate!

  4. My cousin asked for a cabled hat and I couldn’t find one that fit the bill. I designed my own instead (with a double brim and cables too!) but this is perfect. I guess I’ll have to make one for myself!

  5. Who cares that there is a dinner to prep, kids to school, soap to make, etc! I did the provisional cast on and a row for the brim already. Thanks for the distraction :)

  6. LOVE this hat…she’s just perfect! Thanks so much for this knit-along…and another big thank you to Kate for designing such a beauty! I can’t wait to cast on this weekend!

  7. Double brim and cables, yes! I’m in, just need to find the perfect yarn in my stash. Thank you both, Kate and you, for this lovely pattern.

  8. Sadly I have ripped it out twice. My inc round (after the join) never matches up to the 120 stitches and it totally throws off the P2, K2 theme. In the picture that looks like it needs to remain consistent for the cables to line up? Oh well…some days are better than others.

  9. Beautiful hat! Just cast on for mine, and I’m very intrigued by the folded brim. Thank you for the knit-along!

  10. Very cute! I’m curious though, what is the original hat pattern of Kate’s you were hoping to use? The more cables the merrier!

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    • Hi, Kelsey — that one is a bit tricky if you’re new! The last 4-stitch cable of the previous round will have used the last two stitches of that round and the first two stitches of this round. So you want to replace your marker in the middle of that cable cross (so you’ve got two stitches of the cable on either side of the marker) and then, yes, your next move is those three purl stitches. Make sense?

      • I am stumped by this as well as I am also a newbie. I understand that the last C4L of row 13 will spell over into row 14. But at the beginning of row 13, I still do have the traveling column of 2 knits before the three purls I am seeing in the pattern. Do I just knit those two stitches and then start with the repeating pattern as shown?
        And THANK YOU for providing this pattern and the great, great instructions – you really encourage me (and many others) to take those steps into new territory!

  12. Does anyone know if this pattern might be available for the round knitting hoop (for us beginners?) Thank you

  13. Not sure if my computer was having an error, but it seems that when I click the hyper-linked “Everything I said about lace charts” it just brings me back to this Seawaithe page. Seems like you were trying to link to a previous post instead?

  14. I have a question- starting row 3 of decrease – the first two stitches are left blank, and then when it
    says no stitch what do you do with that stitch? I am sure I am overlooking something obvious, but my brain isn’t seeing it!! :)

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  16. So I actually did a gauge swatch for this. First I did with a size 6 needle and it was way too big. Then I used a size 4 needle and it matched up to the gauge on the pattern. Now I am wondering… do I really use a size 2 needle for the brim? I am knitting it up right now using a size 2, just to see…

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  24. I have a question about the row 13. Do I knit the first to sts and move the marker over then start the new row with the 3 p sts? Then the first two sts will be the last two sts of this row.

  25. very quick question as I am unfamiliar with your yarn, and am going stash diving. Is this a worsted weight, DK weight or sport weight yarn?

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  27. Thepattern says to repeat rows 1 to 14 but on row 1 says p1 c4r p2 c2/1LP the 2nd cable is wrong – need help on row 1 after row 1-20

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