Elsewhere: Slotober edition 4

Elsewhere: Slotober edition 4

I know I keep saying this, but the conversation that has taken place over the course of Slow Fashion October has knocked my socks off. It’s obviously a subject I care about 365 days of the year, and hope that everyone will carry on with the conversation in all sorts of ways, but I think there’s clearly value in making it such a focus for a month of time. I haven’t managed to do even a fraction* of what I hoped to do with it this year, so I’m already looking forward to doing it again next year. Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in so many different ways. If you haven’t spent much time reading through the #slowfashionoctober feed on Instagram, I highly recommend it, as well as my assorted thoughts that have been posted on the @slowfashionoctober account.

Here are final links:

– Thanks to the copious comments added to my Monday post, that has turned into a killer list of conscientious yarn sources and some fabric options, too — please take time to read through those suggestions

– Great roundups of traceable fabrics here and here and here

And more here, along with links to ethical fashion brands for finished goods

– Concise roundup of the most referenced educational resources here

– I’m particularly happy to have learned about Offset Warehouse and want to pass on this link of theirs about where and how some of their fabric is made

– Loved hearing every detail about how the wool is handled at Blacker Yarns

– And I love this Atlantic article about L.L. Bean boots, still made in Maine (thx, Liesl)

For those who don’t want the conversation to end, it doesn’t have to and won’t! I’ll still be posting thoughts and links regularly, as always, and there are lots of IG hashtags to keep an eye on: #slowfashion, #slowfashionmovement, #fashrev, #knowyoursource, #handmadewardrobe, #memadeeveryday and many more.

Thank you again, and have a great weekend!

*My one regret is not having finished my Slotober Frock. It feels like a bathetic ending, but rushing it seemed wrong — and I will obviously post about whatever happens next, regardless.


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Photos left to right: Offset Warehouse, Blacker Yarns/A Playful Day, The Atlantic

13 thoughts on “Elsewhere: Slotober edition 4

  1. I feel like Slow Fashion October has just gotten me ramped up! I’m looking forward to what the next 12 months bring especially as I’m both celebrating a big birthday (yes, a shout out to myself!) and doing a huge clothing purge tomorrow. Thanks for gathering all these sources.

  2. Really, really amazing month, Karen. I just posted a link to a short movie about women on India puzzling over the bales of little-worn clothes that come to them from the West to sort for recycling. I love these women!

  3. I agree that it’s good to have a month of focus, but I would also love it if this group that has been throwing out so many valuable thoughts and ideas under #slowfashionoctober picked one or two hashtags to use going forward. There’s a lot of momentum built up and it would be great to keep some of it going throughout the year!
    Also, you aren’t the only one who didn’t finish her sewing/knitting project for the month … personally I’m embracing it as part of the slowness.
    Finally, thanks again for the links, and for organizing what has been such a great experience this month on so many levels!

  4. I’m so glad you didn’t push through on the dress! I think not finishing it beautifully illustrates some of the topics you’ve been exploring: about seeing a garment as precious/wanted/useful and about being a thoughtful maker and consumer. It’s a wonderful way to end, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with once you’ve had all the time you need to ponder and puzzle.

  5. Hi there,
    I discovered SloTober when it was already October; and having just started a masters degree, I’ve been far too overwhelmed by going back to university to join in this conversation. I really regret missing out on this though! I would really have enjoyed writing along to it, had I not been so busy last month. Please please do keep writing up thoughts and prompts; it would be great to keep these conversations going, in a less focussed but more regular way.

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