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  1. Hey Karen! You have posted one of my most favorite designers! Both of these patterns have been published in varying booklets under the Amimono title…pretty sure the sweater is Daffodil, from Spring 2009 Amimono booklet, the gloves are Ginger from 2010 Amimono booklet. Takes awhile for her patterns to get translated from Danish. I finally located the 2010 booklet…still on the hunt for the previous ones! Haven’t knit anything from it yet…building up the courage to knit an entire sweater on size 1 needles.

  2. Hey :-)
    I understand your passion for Helga Isagers’s knitwear. She’ s danish … (I’m danish) and her designs are so cool and classic. Quite popular here. I live only 30 km from her mothers ‘Flagshipstore’ and visit it A LOT :-) Helga is the daughter of Marianne Isager, who also designs great knitwear. Do you know her ?

    The book ‘finstickat’ is the newest, published by Helga in oktober. It’s in swedish, and contains a beautiful collection (and ‘finstickat’ means ‘fine knitting’ I guess).

    I’ve knitted several from HI, and hope you will too. If you have any questions, please ask me – I’ll be happy to help.

    Best wishes
    /Helle Marie, Frederikshavn in DK

    • Hi, Helle Marie — thanks so much for the further info. I’ll have to Google Marianna as well. I’m fairly sure I’ve heard both names before but clearly need to pay closer attention to them!

  3. Hi Karen
    I’m also from Denmark and therefore familiar with her knitting. It looks like some of them have been translated into English. here from the family website: http://knitisager.com/shop/category_Books%2520and%2520Yarn%2520Paks%2520for%2520Isager%2520Yarns/Books-and-Yark-Paks-for-Isager-Yarns.html?sessid=Z4jga3dkJcKNAZSf2p5RQQmCL4SDgeeGQfCv4xC3GzqKXMesBBMHJaNxF421U6JE&shop_param=cid%3D%26
    Otherwise, I know that her book ‘strikketoj’ has been translated into English (many of these patterns repeat previous ones but in other colours and styled differently) I know you can get it from the amazon.uk store – guess it would also be available in the us store

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  6. Just stumbled across this from your recent post. I saw that book in person when I visited Marianne in Tokyo and the book is hard bound and nice and big format, I totally share your feeling on wanting to live inside it! The photography is stunning. She said that the book is available in only Swedish/Danish and there were no plans for it to be published in English. And the title means “Fine Knitting” I think she said. Since then lots of time has passed, so maybe their plans have changed too, I can ask if you still want to knit.

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