Building the ideal project bag

knitting project bag coming soon

Ever since I took up knitting, I’ve been longing for the perfect project bag. I’m a bag fiend, in general, have been my whole life. And I’m also an organizer. It pleases me for each project to have its own little bag to nestle into — the ball(s) of yarn; the work in progress; maybe a printed pattern or Moleskine, with requisite notations; a spare circular or double-point-in-waiting. I keep my tools in a pouch of their own, but occasionally throw my scissors and/or tape measure in with a project when I’m on the go. You know how it is.

Not having found the perfect bag, I’ve amassed a mismatched collection of not-quite-right ones. For me, the perfect bag would have some pockets, but not too many. Some structure, but not too much. It would have enough presence to stand or travel on its own, while also easily submitting to being stuffed into my tote bag with the rest of my gear. And it would, of course, look great doing it. Nothing fussy or synthetic — just a nice hardworking, good-looking little gem.

Fortunately, my good friend Johanna — recently seen knitting in Moab — is a bag designer of some repute. (Many of you likely have carried a diaper bag or tote that she designed.) And I’m thrilled to tell you that she and I have partnered up and are in the process of producing our ideal bag! We have a couple of prototypes in hand — I’ve been knitting out of one of the samples! — and we’re going to be putting it into production in a matter of days. So not only will I have the bag I want, we’ll be able to make it available to you guys and hopefully lots of others, too. And soon! I hope you love it. I could not be more excited about this.

I’ll have more to show and share on that in the next couple of weeks, but meanwhile I’d really love to hear about your own preferences and predilections where project bags are concerned. Do you use one/many? What are the features and characteristics that are important to you? I find this stuff endlessly interesting, so please spare me no detail!


7 thoughts on “Building the ideal project bag

  1. ooooh, how exciting! I have only recently become a knitter so I’m still working out what I want. As I’m a sewer I have a few hand made zippered pouches and drawstring bags that I’ve been using for different projects – but alas there are no pockets nor a tool kit!! I have to admit as a newbie I still feel a bit fraudulent thinking that I need a tool kit…

    Can’t wait to see yours!!

  2. Very exciting! I’m not a very good organizer, but most of the organizing tips that have worked for me I got from you, Karen. I know I’ll love this bag.

  3. Ooooo I cannot wait to see what kind of bag you create. I’ve been looking for a good project bag for ages but to no avail (too big, too small, not enough pockets, crappy quality cloth etc.).

    Also, I know I’m a little late to the party (moved house, no internet aaargh!) but I really love the new blog. Keep up the good work, you have a fan here in Tokyo!

  4. Been out of touch for a while! As always, looking forward to reading backwards! Can’t wait to see your creation!

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