New Favorites: Helga does it again

New Favorites: Helga does it again

My lack of Pinterest time is showing. How else to explain that Helga Isager released a new collection of knitting patterns in December and I’m just now seeing it? The Map Collection doesn’t quite leave me feeling faint like some of her previous designs have, but it’s great stuff nonetheless. It’s very ’80s — some of it maybe a little too ’80s for my comfort — but I am in want with these four pieces.

Top to bottom: The Normandy Sweater, Shetland Cowl, Siberia Anorak (love those pockets, not sure about the funnel neck), and Himalaya Sweater.

You can browse through the whole collection on her site. Doesn’t look like it’s been printed in English yet, but there’s cause for hope.


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9 thoughts on “New Favorites: Helga does it again

  1. I love the Normandy sweater. Beautifully styled with those cool pants and shoes, too! And that house isn’t bad, either!

  2. Oh yeah, I had seen Siberia pop up on my Ravelry pattern highlights a few weeks ago- swoon. It does not hurt that the model is stunning. Himalaya, Siberia, the Shetland cowl and this simple yet beautiful headband. The Kasmir coat is impressive (although it would probably add an extra 20 pounds to my figure). Could we petition to have this collection translated?

  3. I’m really glad you featured this collection today. I just checked it out and I love it! I wasn’t overly familiar with Helga before, but I just saw her Bird Collection, and I am in love. About to start filling my Ravelry queue with her designs! Thanks so much!

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