You’re gonna want these needles

You're gonna want these needles

There are those among you who are forever trying to talk me out of using DPNs, being fans of the Magic Loop method and all. But you’ll have to pry my DPNs out of my cold, dead fingers because they’re among the most beautiful and pleasing things in my world. I have quite a variety of them at this point, including some of the incomparably swoony bone DPNs from the shop (which I’ll be accumulating over time). But my newest love, which I’m excited to add to my personal collection and to the virtual shelves, are these Indian rosewood DPNs that made their debut last night. The rosewood is just so, so beautiful, and in many ways superior to bamboo. Most notably: the pointier tips. You will seriously love them and want to collect them, but hop on over to Fringe Supply Co. and figure out which size you want first!

p.s. For the Bento collectors, the smalls are now freshly restocked as well.
p.p.s. There are still a few sale items to be had.


Please have a wonderful weekend, and tell me what you’re working on! I’m hoping for a rainy day away from my desk. After having been buried in tax-season spreadsheets all week, I’d love nothing more than to camp out on the couch with my Trillium.

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  1. I happen to agree with you. I simply cannot stand to do the magic loop…I don’t like how it stretches my knitting! I need my knitting to be nice and neat :) My Mom got me some rosewood dpns several years ago and I simply lllooovvveee them! I, too, have many different kinds…steel, aluminum, casein plastic, bamboo and different types of woods including rosewoods. And above all, the rosewoods are my faves!

  2. Oh, they are lovely Karen. I really enjoy using the bone dpn’s, I love how they feel in my hands, but I might just have to give these a whirl.
    Hope you have some couch time with your knitting.

  3. My big weekend plans involve working up a few quick hats, clearing out my shop, and hopefully beating the spring cold that seems to be floating around our house! love those dpns!

  4. Those look beautiful! They’ll have to pry my DPNs out of my dead clawed hands too, cable needles make me crazy.

  5. I love knitting on DPNs for small-diameter things, like sleeves and fingerless mitts. I gave Magic Loop an honest try, but eventually went back to DPNs.

    This weekend, I’ll be knitting on a sweater that has approximately eleventy-hundred cables per round.

  6. I will be getting some of those lovely DPNs. Just finished my first pair of socks, which only took me 167 hours each, have multiple imperfections, albeit I can’t take them off. Ergo, it seems more socks are inevitable. Love your blog, always an inspiration, thank you for sharing your gift.

  7. I just got my bone DPNs in the mail yesterday! They’re gorgeous! I just had to pet them like one would do to yarn. I can’t wait to start using them today!!!

  8. Wishing you lots of couch time! I’m working on an experimental second Lila, in Elsa Cormo woollen spun fingering, knit on large needles (5.5 mm) to give it some extra drape. Apparently that magical yarn can be knit at any gauge and look amazing every time.

  9. I prefer DPNs for smaller diameter items also. Magic Loop is OK, I just don’t have any trouble working with DPNs, and find Magic Loop fiddly at times. I agree it can stretch or even tighten up at the transition points. I have one pair of Rosewood DPNs and just used them to rib some cuffs. I was surprised by how nice and pointy they were!

  10. Beautiful needles! Which reminds me that I really should order some of those lovely repair hooks you have (and some cookies!). Every time I use my clunky metal hook to pick up stitches I wish I had a better tool.

    Lofty goals this weekend…I’m a few rounds away from finishing the neck of one sweater and have some binding off and weaving in some ends for another. I’m itching to start the Raiun cardigan and have vowed not to swatch until I’ve finished the other two sweaters.

  11. I have Knitter’s Pride DPNs which I love. The wood feels nice, they’re colourful, and very pointy. Since I have no trouble using DPNs, and find Magic Loop unnecessarily complicated, I have no plans to change.

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