FO Sightings: Cirilia’s Reykjavik wonder dress

FO Sightings: Cirilia's Reykjavik wonder dress

Cirilia Rose and Dianna Walla are in Iceland for DesignMarch and the Reykjavik Fashion Festival so there’ve been lots of Iceland pics on Instagram making me jealous the past few days. But my eyes almost popped right out of my head on Saturday when Cirilia began posting pics of herself in the dress she’d made to wear. In true die-hard knitter fashion, she’d apparently been up until four in the morning finishing it. And it is so, so Cirilia. She’s used a combination of Loopy Mango’s gargantuan Big Loop yarn and Skacel’s Schoppel Wolle XL. (She’s Creative Director at Skacel, if you’re not familiar with her.) The XL is used in a single strand for the bodice and held double for the bottom-most part of the skirt. The scale of the whole thing and the pastel rainbow on the skirt — which comes from the coloration on the limited-edition Big Loop — are both really charming. But what I’m most infatuated with is the gauge-mixing she’s done (seen in the fish-snacking photo above) and the shape of the bodice — particularly the racer-back-ish armholes and the high, rolled neckline. Just so creative and yet adorable and wearable. She tells me she didn’t think it would be something others would want a pattern for, but the response suggests otherwise, so it sounds like one will be forthcoming.

You can see more pics on her feed, Dianna’s and Stephen West’s, where you can really see the neckline. See also Dianna’s adorable ensemble with knitted collar and the lopapeysa she bought. OMG.

FO Sightings: Cirilia's Reykjavik wonder dress

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Photos belong to Cirilia Rose, used with permission

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  1. You are so right about the gauge-mixing in that dress! I hadn’t noticed it on some other pics that I saw (I think on her fb wall). Totally adorable dress; it’s just as adorable as she is! Looks like it was a great festival!

  2. It is a fab dress–but Cirilia would look adorably fashionable in something knit from the dried fish snack too. sigghhhh…Iceland.

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