New Favorites: Whelk

New Favorites: Whelk

I keep telling myself I really need to make more things with sleeves (both sewn and knitted) but for the past few years, I’ve been dying to knit a sweater vest. Not a waistcoat — I’ve done that. A few times. — but a pullover vest. There’s an idea I’ve had in my mind a long time, and there’s Grille, and then Bue, and now there’s this fantastic Martin Storey pattern, Whelk. I’m showing you the kids’ version here because this photo is so darling, but it’s written for children through adult sizes, and is perfectly unisex. There’s something funny about essentially painting a bullseye on your own chest, but I just love it.


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  1. This sweater looks like a wonderful piece to add to a wardrobe. And the photo is adorable. I’ve found myself selecting projects based on photos quite a few times lately….

  2. The other picture from the pattern page is pretty dreamy too. ;) Gorgeous project!

  3. I was considering Bue, but those overhanging shoulders look so bulky. . .love the cables, but the bulk at shoulder makes me hesitate. Pullover vests are the best, I wear them all winter.

  4. Thank you for contributing for the improvement of my english vocabulary!! Seriously!! In São Paulo, “sleeveless stuff” are mostly welcome becuase cold is not so harsh here. I always thought they were called vests. Now I learned waistcoat (when they are buttoned up), sleeveless pullover (no buttons), sweater vest. All your suggestions are gorgeous!! Fell in love with the waistcoat you’ve done earlier… so simple, so elegant…

  5. Love the vest, however knitting a bullseye for your chest depends on the, uh, dimensions of said chest. While lunching with a friend last week, I spied a young woman wearing a long knit (not knitted, knit fabric) skirt made with a geometric print on the bias and there was a perfect diamond framing her, um, hind parts. Not a great look for her as she was extra blessed in that region but it did draw the eye. I guess that’d be a judgement call.

    Knitting a vest or waistcoat is on my list this summer.

  6. Hi Karen,

    you are really a professional knitter, the pull over enhances your God son’s handsome looks like a model.

    I been admiring the reunion of the four ladies with the diamond cable jersey. Look superb,

    Please send me the pattern to knit a diamond cable cardigan n
    a diamond cable sweater for me and my daughter, I am also looking for a diamond cable beanie to knit.

    I am so taken to the pattern, it will be my challenge to knit it, with your help it will be possible for me.

    Kind Regards

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