New Favorites: Crocheted slippers

New Favorites: Crocheted slippers

Every single summer I say I want to do two things: crochet something, and make some socks or slippers. For some reason, both seem like perfect little summer projects, and yet I never do either. So I lit up when I saw that Churchmouse and Tolt had both released crocheted slipper patterns for their area LYS tour! AND I recently had to say goodbye to my most beloved slippers and am thus quickly wearing holes in my Simple House Slippers, so it’s a genuine need. It’s fate, I tell you.

TOP: Churchmouse’s Moroccan Babouche Slippers are the crocheted version of their Turkish Bed Socks (the first sock/slipper pattern I ever downloaded)

BOTTOM: Tolt’s Harvold slippers by Karen Crittenden have a 1970s+moccasin vibe I love, and bulky gauge no less!


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  1. Every year I am tempted to fly, or drive, up to the Puget Sound area for their LYS tour. It seems that this year, I missed something special. I don’t crochet very fast. In fact, I am downright slow but maybe have to make those moccasin slippers. So cute.

  2. I haven’t crocheted (is that the proper spelling??? I dunno!) in about 45 years (I was still in utero!), but those slippers – both patterns – are so darned cute that I might just drag out my old hooks and give ’em a whirl! Never fail to read your posts, but very rarely comment! Please don’t stop posting!!

  3. Do it, Karen! I can never understand why more knitters don’t crochet as well. I mean, it’s simpler…you only have one hook, and it is designed to catch yarn with the hooked end. If you can wrangle two sticks you can do this in your sleep! I know crochet has gotten a bad rap over the years because of some questionable proclivities and projects but Ravelry is full of truly gorgeous contemporary patterns, including the two you showcased today.

    Also, bistitchuals have more fun. Just sayin’. ;)

  4. Love those!

    And, what Deepa said. I do both and always reserve crochet projects for my travel adventures. Crochet is so much more forgiving when it comes to limited space and starting and stopping. And mistakes are a cinch to fix. ;-)

  5. Recently, I’ve been contemplating becoming a ‘bistichual’ — haha, new favorite word. These look like a great idea… wondering if any of you have thoughts on adding a leather (or other?) sole for longevity? Mostly thinking of the Tolt pattern.

  6. I know it doesn’t fit the crochet part , but I’ve been wanting to make a pair of slippers so I could practice sock construction, and recently discovered a free pattern on Knit Picks called Chunky Slippers. They are quick, fun and hug the ankle just perfectly. One skein of Knit Picks Chroma, or less than a skein of Encore. Just gave a pair as a gift, and am wearing mine every day!

  7. I have been looking for an easy but pretty pair of slippers to Crochet. These are Beautiful and I can’t wait to try them. Thank you so much for posting them. I look forward to making a pair or four, lol

  8. Maybe I’ll try learning to crochet again, I’ve tried multiple times but for some reason I can never make heads or tails of it even though I really want to learn. It’s so fast and sculptural! I’m also bad at reading my knitting, so I wonder if the two things are related.

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