New Favorites: Banded ribs

New Favorites: Banded ribs

I don’t know if this interrupted-ribbing stitch pattern has a commonly accepted name (if it does, fill me in! and is it ribbing or brioche?) but I fell in love with it upon first seeing Helga Isager’s Pine/Marie Cardigan (top photo) from a few years ago, and now again upon encountering Anker’s Sweater (“My Size”) (bottom photo) by PetiteKnitDK. Both are seamless, circular-yoke sweaters — a perfect marriage of construction and stitch pattern. PKDK’s pullover has it contained to the yoke, and I’m a sucker for a yoke sweater that’s done with texture rather than colorwork. But there’s also something I find entrancing about its allover puckered glory on Isager’s cardigan. I could look at that photo all day long.


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  1. Love your “new favorites” posts. Today’s patterns are two that I haven’t seen and at least one of them is going straight to the queue! Thank you.

  2. Isager’s pattern page says brioche – it’s gorgeous! Thanks for finding my next obsession!

    • The more I think about it, it seems like it would have to be or it would look more like the hem does. Whereas the yoke pullover looks like it might just be ribbing and gravity is doing the work of pulling the ribs apart. The Isager version has a bit more depth to it.

  3. The top pattern is brioche done holding 2 strands of yarn. The “interruption” is 1×1 rubbing done with only one strand. (This pattern is simply called “Brioche Stitch Cardigan” in Isager’s book Strikketøj.)

  4. On Ravelry, the cardigan is listed as brioche. No matter the name or technique, I’m with you on the interrupted ribbing!

  5. I like how the patterning on the yoke of the pullover gives a simple sweater just a bit of interest and detail.

  6. I love both patterns too. I have been mystified by the brioche stitch. I have a sweater on the go with a two color rib brioche… It has not been the easiest stitch for me. I will have to make a swatch of the interrupted brioche as shown in the top picture as CLF stated above. Just too curious now how this is made!

  7. The yoke sweater looks like brioche to me. It is gorgeous. I love the texture brioche gives but I have never wanted a whole sweater out of it. This looks like fun and something I would actually wear. I am kind of in a brioche kick right now. Just finished the Ramble shawl by Andrea Mowry but haven’t been sure till now that I would ever do a sweater with brioche. Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. Last year my son asked me if I could make a sweater that resembled a designer picture that he showed me with this kind of stitching. I asked in a Ravelry forum if anyone knew what it was called. I looked at a lot of Stephen West patterns!

  9. I got to noodling this morning…thinking about this pullover and your post about combining yarns earlier in the week…I remembered this pattern that I’ve had favorited since it came out. Moxie Pullover
    Combo project???

  10. Thank you! i had forgotten i had this book by Helga Isager and the Pine/Marie is going to be perfect in this new yarn i just bought!

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