New Field Bag! + Elsewhere

New Field Bag! + Elsewhere

BIG FUN over at Fringe Supply Co. today: the new CHARCOAL Field Bag — so swoony, so hardworking, made right here in Nashville — and the new issue of Making, Dots! Both are more beautiful than my photos can describe, but there are lots of pics over in the webshop, so go take a look. You can also find the Charcoal Field Bag today at our Limited Goods stockists listed right here. (And in case anyone missed my heads-up about it, please note that Toffee is going on haitus when our current stock runs out!)

I also have some fun and thought-provoking links for your Friday/weekend perusal:

Girls knit their way to a math career (via)

– “I knit where I want” — persist, lady, persist!

– Love this brief history of Bohus Stickning

Crochet bowls make a pretty awesome wall display

– If you’re in London, please go see this for me

How evolutionary instincts drive modern-day shopping behaviors (via) (and have you heard about J.Crew?)

– And reissue alert: Frank Lloyd Wright’s fabrics (gah!)

Thanks for choosing to spend some of your time here this week. I hope you have a yarn-filled weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday!



8 thoughts on “New Field Bag! + Elsewhere

  1. Oh wow, you’re testing me now with the charcoal! I am afraid to look how much postage to Ireland would be, but this bag is calling my name..

  2. I was sad to hear that black was discontinued, but charcoal us just perfect ! Can’t wait to have a look at it at La Bien Aimée.
    The crocheted baskets are by the French crafter Veronique Damart. You should check her IG @maillodesign ! She makes wonders with vintage crocheted tableclothes (if you call it that way in English).

  3. Darn. Missing that “Home for All” exhibit by about 4 weeks. I have their retail store bookmarked though and will visit it in late July. Need to find a really good yarn store in London.

  4. I love that article on knitting and math!! I really hope this study gains traction–there are no downsides to kids learning to knit.

  5. Knitting Anywhere? Haven’t heard anyone mention the Omaha Knights in years! Memory lane fun!

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