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Thanks for all the great feedback on the Sloper posts this week — I’m glad some of you found it worthwhile! I’m enjoying seeing the swatches and cast-ons starting to appear on the #sloperKAL feed. And holy wow, there’s already a finished sweater! (I told you it’s fast!) I cast on in the car on Wednesday and am hoping to get in a bunch of rows this weekend.

Meanwhile, here’s Elsewhere for you—

A movie I’ll be seeing for the sweaters (thx, DG)

So happy to see TN’s Stony Creek Colors in Fast Company’s fantastic feature, The United States of Innovation

What do knitting and heart surgery have to do with each other? (Thx, Jess)

I love Jess Daniels’ Me Made May concept and her little hand-drawn infographic (image above, bottom)

A brief history of denim

– “The transitioning of half a million farmers across southern India to sustainable, organic methods has enabled [Project Pico] to bring their product back to the UK with a supply chain that is entirely traceable to the very seeds that grow the cotton.”

28 home sewers on why they do it

Crochet tank inspiration

– … and as if I weren’t already obsessed with knitting Dalur (top)

SHOP NEWS: The fabulous Helga Isager book The Artisan is back in stock. And a heads-up for you: We’ve got a new neutral coming to the Field Bag lineup in a couple of weeks, and in conjunction with that we’re putting Toffee on hiatus. We’ve got enough in stock to last a little bit, but I wanted to give you fair warning in case you’ve had your heart set on it.

Have an amazing weekend!



9 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Went to look at the finished sloper and thought there must have been a problem on IG – it said Kate Davies – imagine two very, very talented ladies with the same name. This KD is so talented, gorgeous sewing and knitting!

    • Keeping the details under wraps for the time being, sorry! But I’m pretty sure there will still be Toffee when that one releases, so you’ll have a chance to choose.

  2. RE: Seeing movies just for the sweaters …I started watching Home Fires on PBS recently when I noticed that everyone in town appears to have a closet full of dreamy 1940s fair isles.

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