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Tomorrow is Earth Day, and Monday marks the start of Fashion Revolution Week, so it seems apt that today’s Elsewhere is even heavier than usual on slow fashion food for thought!

• “Georgia O’Keeffe was an expert seamstress who made her own clothes and altered or otherwise preserved them herself; she kept some of her dresses for as long as sixty years.” I’m dying to see this exhibit (And there’s some lovely resonance between that and Sara Berman’s Closet)

Praise hands for the Kentucky Cloth Project (photo, top left)

Imagine if there were more companies like Nisolo (See also: CEO Patrick Woodyard’s TED talk on fast fashion) (bottom right)

Great Q&As with 3 brands striving for sustainable fashion

Plastic Fashion — a data story (thx, Anie) (top right)

Love this “Hand-me-up shop” idea from Jussara Lee (thx, Lori)


In. Awe.

Llama pinata!

• Has anyone knitted with this unusual cotton yarn, Loop? I’m so curious

And these are some serious cute kid knits (bottom left)

I’ll be working this weekend, trying to get caught up, and in particular working on a super meaty discussion starter — a conversation I can’t wait for us to have! But here’s wishing you a relaxing weekend in the meantime—



7 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Thank you so much for the link to Plastic Fashion!!! I work so hard to find clothes without polyester in them, and my friends think I’m insane. I will continue being insane…

  2. I clicked on the link for the Georgia O’Keefe exhibit and to my surprise it will be in Winston-Salem, NC starting in August! The 2-hour drive is worth it! Doing a happy dance this morning!! I love her work and toured her home in New Mexico a few years back. I was in awe of her accomplishments. Thank you for listing this as part of your Elsewhere post. You have made my day!

  3. I’ve been creeping Nisolo for awhile, and bought a pair of their smoking flats in the fall. I want to love them, but the last time I wore them I got blisters so deeply and badly that I couldn’t walk for 3 days and I still have deep scars in my ankles and the sides of my feet. And yes, they did fit. The soles are incredibly thick and unforgiving, which makes me wonder if their choices for sole leather need to be reviewed considering many of their women’s shoes are slip on. It’s a shame. They’re so beautiful, but they’re stiffer than anything I’ve ever worn, and I’ve worn some pretty stiff, fancy leather shoes. :(

    On the other hand, I might fall for it again because I desperately want a pair of their Huaraches!

  4. I had heard of some, but not all, of the makers in that last link, so thanks for that one! Definitely cute kid knits :) Knitting for kids is so gratifying because things come together so quickly (being so small).

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