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As I’m writing this, I haven’t yet left for Paris, but hopefully by the time you’re reading it I’ll have had an amazing few days with an amazing weekend ahead of me, before heading home early next week. So I am well and truly Elsewhere, but here are some fabulous links for your clicking pleasure—

– Having spent time experimenting with knitting jute and rope a few years ago, I have a lot of admiration for this (top left)

– I’d seen this short video and lost track of it, and was so happy to run across it again on MDK: Harris Tweed — I’m super intrigued by the few craft and textile traditions that are protected in the same way as “Brie” and “Champagne” and “Whisky/Whiskey”

– I recently had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Hungerford who told me she’d made an indigo kimono inspired by my Idea Log, and boy is it a treasure (bottom right)

– I love the twin stories of the color inspiration for Anna’s Skogafjall (bottom left) and the meaning of Kathy’s motif modifications

– And always love a good yarn tale

– Are you excited about Vickie Howell’s The Knit Show?

– What are your thoughts on slow-fashion advocate Emma Watson’s “sustainable” Beauty and the Beast costumes (top right)

What’s in your core wardrobe?

This concept

These handmade shoes

These words to live by

– and whoa-my-god this sweater

Have a terrific weekend, everyone! Thanks, always, for being here—



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    • I hope Karen means she wrote this post before she left ontime for Paris – I’ve thought about her this week and imagine she’s having a wonderful time in that beautiful city!

  1. no time right now but excited to spend time this weekend checking all these out. But wow, that blue jacket is gorgeous.

  2. Great posts, as always! Looking forward to getting deeper into them this weekend. Beautiful sweater choices this week. I’d LIVE in that last one!

  3. Love so many of these, but especially the Harris Tweed video – last year an older sewist in my area was giving away yards and yards of Harris Tweed on Freecycle (!!!) and I almost sprained something with how fast I responded. I have such reverence for it that I can’t bring myself to cut into it – it’s a beautiful pile though!

  4. I’ve had an awful week, even worst than awful if it’s possible. On top of it I missed knitting night at L’Oisivethé because I had a major leak from the washing machine :-(
    Anyway, you are making this week-end so much better, because :
    1. you’re in my town and I’m glad you like it
    2. I did not know Twohandsfull instagram and I fell in love with it because it’s about two of my main loves : knitting and ceramics
    3. I learned Liesl Gibson released a shirt pattern, and it’s seems a serious alternative to the Grainline Archer, which I LOVE, but is giving me issues with the sleeves that I don’t know how to fix. This one will be on my list for the Summer of Basics !

    Enjoy yourself in Paris, and if you have nothing better to do, I would advise you to come knitting in some public park in the North-East of Paris, like the Buttes-Chaumont or the Parc de La Villette, or the Parc de Belleville (this last one has also the best view of Paris, much prettier than the one you have from the Butte Montmartre).

  5. I was wondering what the slow fashion community thinks of Emma Watson’s sustainable fashion. On the one hand, it’s nice to see her use her platform to raise awareness about these issues, and I believe that part of slow fashion is recognizing that there no perfect solutions and steps to do better should be celebrated. But on the other hand, her costumes and press tour call for a lot of different outfits that are only worn once. Sustainable red carpet sounds like an oxymoron.

  6. I work freelance in the costume department in film and tv and I have a real problem reconciling my believes about slow fashion with how wasteful the industry is. Mostly by necessity as there simply isnt the budget to shop sustainable and meet production requirements but this article gives me some hope that it can be done!

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