Make Your Own Basics: The trench coat

Make Your Own Basics: The trench coat

For obvious reasons, I’ve had trench coats on the brain the last few weeks. I know they were invented for British soldiers and have heavy London fashion associations, but I think of them as the centerpiece of Parisian style. Either way, there is no arguing (don’t even try!) that every closet needs a good trench coat. It is the most magical of garments — throw it over a dress and heels or jeans and sneakers, and you’ll look instantly chic either way. A good one lasts, and they’re literally never out of style. (I’ve had mine since 2009, and the one it replaced was at least 12 years old!) Now I know, there are very very few of us who would ever attempt to sew our own, but it deserves noting that such a thing can in fact be done. For those intrepid souls, here are a few indie pattern options:

ABOVE TOP: Isla Trench Coat by Named has a retro-timeless length and neck shape

ABOVE BOTTOM: Robson Coat by Sewaholic is a shorter, sassier, more contemporary version

Both have all the styling details — double-breasted, rain flaps, belt, pockets, those cuff strap doohickeys. (What on earth do you call those?) And then there’s—

BELOW: Australian Drover’s Coat by Folkwear, which is more the outback version, with or without a lot of those details.

Make Your Own Basics: The trench coat


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20 thoughts on “Make Your Own Basics: The trench coat

    • Thanks for sharing this pattern! It’s definitely the one I’d make, if only I had 5/5 sewing skill level. Something to aim for. :)

    • ABSOLUTELY LOVELY SILHOUETTE! I want one! Thank you for sharing the link, G.

      My only complaint about the pattern is the tight sleeve cap. However, I know how to remedy that problem. Those pockets are to die for (I do not carry a purse). Bet I could carry small knit projects in those pockets!

      Ladies, listen up!!! If you can sew a straight seam, you can sew anything!!! Read the instructions until you completely understand each step. Use many pins. Sew SLOWLY, with attention to your work. Press often.

      If you sew slowly and carefully, you can accomplish many very complicated patterns with ease. It is all in your mindset. Do not try to accomplish your project in a day or two. Plan on a week or two… or more. That way your project is savored and enjoyed instead of being devoured and destroyed by impatience.

      YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I know you can.

  1. Ooohh G that is a great pattern. love the princess seams – less bulk and better fit!

  2. I made a Robson in January. I LOVE it, and it’s really not that difficult. It just takes time. And a lot of bias tape :)

  3. I tell you, a trench coat, a pair of jeans and comfy shoes, just add a lovely scarf and a dash of litpstick and you will be a true Parisienne ! Enjoy your trip. The weather is lovely in France at the moment.

  4. I could never wear a trench coat. I have tried a few on many years ago, but they are too masculine for my body frame.

  5. I have seven yards of twill–dark khaki with black polka dots–that I bought specifically to sew a trench coat…which I haven’t gotten around to doing, yet. I want a pretty lining, and just can’t find one that I love. The search continues…

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