Make Your Own Basics: The skirt(s)

Make Your Own Basics: The skirt(s)

In the pantheon of clothing basics, there are a few anointed skirt shapes. Sure, hem lengths inch up and down with eras and ages, and there are always tricksier/trendier variations on any of these shapes — a million ways to tweak them, and a million patterns that have done it for you — but these four iconic silhouettes are the basis of pretty much everything:

MINI: Moss Skirt by Grainline Studio is neatly tailored with a fly front, slant pockets and back yoke detail. My mini-skirt years are behind me, but I would have sewn a ton of these at other times in my life. Check View B for a longer option.

A-LINE: Everyday Skirt by Liesl Gibson has a flat front waistband and an elasticized back, plus slant pockets. This is not a shape I personally can wear, but I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has recommended this pattern to me. Clearly a crowd favorite!

PENCIL: Selene by Colette Patterns has a lapped back zipper, darts and vent, with two pocket options. You can never go wrong with a good pencil skirt.

CIRCLE: Full Circle Skirt by Anna Maria Horner has a side lapped zipper and is otherwise as simple as can be. Unless you want to get fancy, in which case AMH, the queen of patchwork, has provided paneled and pieced variations.


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10 thoughts on “Make Your Own Basics: The skirt(s)

  1. Skirts are my summer staple, long and flowing. I remember when Princess Di’s clothing exhibit was here that she had weights in the hem to keep them from blowing up. I thought that was genius.

  2. My favorite skirt basic is New Look 6053. It’s got a straight and A-line option. I add a lining and use an invisible zipper.

  3. I absolutely love my Zinnia skirt by Colette. I made it in a rustic blue/grey linen and it works so well with the rest of my wardrobe. I think I’ll make a few more!

  4. I wear skirts all the time – work, play, yardening/gardening, etc. I’ve knit a couple, which are a nice alternative, and I’ve made the Brooklyn skirt from Seamwork, which has a great shape with an inverted pleat. Next time I make it, I’m going to add in-seam pockets.

  5. Karen, we’ve got a new pattern coming out in a few weeks that I think you’re going to like! I had you in mind when I designed it…

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