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Hi, happy Friday! Before we get into this installment of Elsewhere, I want to profess my love for all of the comments you left on Monday’s post about Folkwear. So many lovely stories and memories, then the cherry on top was THIS. The whole thing gave me heartmelt, and I want to again wish Folkwear’s new owner, Molly, so much luck in reviving this legendary brand. Ok—

Knitting Pretty — I’ll be watching this short vintage film ce weekend (photo top left)

– Are you playing along with MDK March Mayhem?

– If you haven’t been following Kristine Vejar’s textile adventures in Bali and Java, go look while it’s still at the top of her feed! (bottom right)

Felt as “fossilised fabric” (and can I go to that retreat, please?)

Is that a “hank,” a “skein,” a “ball” … ? (bottom left)

– I love this Seamwork profile of Asiatica, one of my hometown’s most distinctive businesses

– Where do you stand on Missoni’s pussyhats? Here’s Michele Wang’s take

Alabama Chanin has some upcycling to do (top right)

Heaven is layers of sweaters

– And this gorgeous woman and her crocheted scarf on The Sartorialist

I’m excited about this weekend — I blocked the pieces of my Channel last weekend and get to stitch them together. It’s been clear for a few days that this sweater is taking a little change in direction, though, and I’ll have more to say about that next week!

I hope you have an awesome weekend. As always, I’d love to hear what you’re working on …

SHOP NEWS: We’ve got a new batch of the Lykke straight needles sets (along with the individual sizes) and Knitters Graph Paper Journals, and all of the mini scissors (except the owls) are back in stock. Along with so many other gems at Fringe Supply Co.!


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  1. Knitting Pretty reminded me of when yarn was purchased in the larger department stores in the 50s, City of Paris in San Francisco and Bullocks in Los Angeles. They always had knitting instructors to help and advise. Were there yarn stores then? These stores also sold fabric. One would dress up in heels, stockings, hat, and gloves, and board the streetcar for downtown San Francisco.

  2. That little film was mesmerizing! All the tips for yarn and pattern selection and knitwear care are spot on. Of course, we all know to measure our gauge over 4″/10 cm not 1″ (that was funny) but we can forgive that little oversight. ;-) How funny were the quaint ideas about what kind of knits men and women prefer (cables for men, bobbles for women)! And as Marta Sullivan mentioned above, I too spent a lot of time in department stores (in the 1970s and 80s in Vancouver, BC) that had yarn and fabric departments where the ladies would help you chose yarn and needles. There were also some now long-extinct Lewiscraft stores that sold all kinds of crafty stuff, including yarn, e.g. Patons yarns, but I don’t remember any yarn-only shops in those days.

  3. Also, I desperately need to know the brand a shade name of the lipstick worn by the gorgeous woman wearing the crocheted scarf on The Sartorialist.
    A woman who has spent her entire adult life in an unrequited pursuit of the perfect lip colour.

  4. I would love to go to the Asiatica studio. Coincidentally, going to Kansas City (MO) twice a year was our big family weekend trip when I lived in Kansas for five, formative years (three different military bases, mind you), and we actually moved from Kansas to Okinawa, Japan. Yes, sometimes things just come together. Have fun with your Channel sweater this weekend!

  5. That Knitting Pretty short film is the nicest thing I’ve seen this week; thank you for sharing it. I hope I can find a pattern for something like the Slipover shown at 6:46. The deep arm holes, trim waist, and blousey front would suit my capsule wardrobe perfectly!

  6. I can only concur with the comments on Knitting Pretty. What a delight! I too fell in love with the slipover. For anyone who loves these vintage pieces, I recommend the Susan Crawford’s collections “A Stitch in Time”. Now to check if they have a slipover pattern.

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