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Happy Friday, friends — here’s a nice juicy Elsewhere for you!

– It’s #tolticelandicwoolmonth — I’m really hoping to finish my cardigan in time to join in! (having made that pesky rule …)

– Best online panel discussion title ever: Pussy(c)hat, March 4 at 12pm EST — I’m sorry to miss it! It promises to be a rich and nuanced discussion

– I’m honored to be included in an upcoming book called “Woods – Making Stories,” which is now in crowdfunding

– “Even as a maker, I’m a consumer. I consume yarn and fabric … which means that the guidelines slow fashion provides us with … apply to makers as well”

Lovely scarf pattern with a heartbreaking and worthy mission (top left)

Jenny Gordy’s sashiko-patch mending technique (bottom right)

Anna Maltz’s back-of-the-envelope explanation for which way short rows should go (bottom left)

– “… starting the making process as adolescents, it often takes around a year of a person’s life to make one of these dresses, and some women continue to decorate and dye their garment for their entire lives …” — you MUST watch the video at the end

– NPR’s interview with the Monopoly thimble made me LOL (thx, Angela)

–  I covet Jen’s quilt

– And this one (free pattern right there on IG!) (top right)

– I’m eager to listen to Marlee Grace and Mira Blackman

– I dream of traveling to Denver and taking Sara Cougill’s seam finishing class at Fancy Tiger, but meanwhile I’m studying Liesl Gibson’s Six tutorials for seam finishes

Have a marvelous weekend, everyone!



10 thoughts on “Elsewhere

    • I’m fascinated that we’ve lost the thimble and — just a few years ago — the iron, the two that most represent traditional “domesticity” (for lack of a better term). There’s a think piece in there somewhere, but I’m not the one to write it.

  1. I enjoy following your blog and seeing all of your inspiration, keep up the good work! Thanks for the link to my post on the Oliver + S blog :)

  2. Ok. That’s it. I haven’t quilted in forever but I want that Four Winds Quilt! Simple and exactly the colors I’ve been searching for. Oh, be still my heart…

  3. I just watched the video for the Woods project a few days ago and was charmed by the women. Being half German, I respond well to that accent, which means I’ll be supporting the project. Also, I think the Pussy(c)hat will be recorded so we can listen when we have the time. Thanks for the links!

  4. I’m working tomorrow, so I will have to miss the Pussy(c)hat – boo! But I shall be looking for a recording. I think it sounds fascinating! And thank you for sharing my scarf pattern, Karen. I really appreciate you spreading the word!

  5. Thanks for all the great links. Though I have sworn off making any more scarves, I think I will make Lovelock because that texture is amazing! And a lovely tribute.

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