Queue Check — February 2017

Queue Check — February 2017

With my St. Brendan completed and the whole April in Paris plan looming on the horizon (albeit still a misty mirage), I am sworn not to cast on anything new until my Channel cardigan is completed. As you can see up top, I’m making good progress. I knitted the sleeves flat, added inset pockets, omitted the eyelets (and waist tie) and waist shaping. I’m ready to begin the neck shaping — and continuing to love every minute I spend with this yarn and stitch pattern — but I still have a very long ways to go. Which is giving me lots of time to think ahead about what I want to knit this year, and in what order.

Like a lot of you, I try to always have something mindless on the needles that I can reach for when circumstances demand it. But I’ve been thinking about literally dividing my sweater plans into two parallel queues: the challenging and the non-challening. I still need and want some simple stockinette sweaters, but they always threaten my will to knit. Meanwhile, there are several more interesting sweaters on my list — the ones that keep both my closet and my knitting life from becoming too boring — but like I said, you gotta have an alternative handy sometimes. So it makes sense to me to make two separate lists, and to have one sweater from each list going at all times — like dance partners. When the challenging sweater is completed, cast on the next one from that list. When the boring sweater is completed, cast on the next one from that list. Do-si-do and around you go.

I’m 99% certain that when Channel is done, the next thing I cast on from the challenging list will be Vidje. And I’m debating about what will follow St. Brendan in the stockinette lineup. I have two very simple, bulky sweaters in my head, and I expect a quickie will be in order. One is an exaggerated cardigan in the beautiful bronze merino from TN Textile Mill. The other is a big slouchy pullover in the cheery green Balance Bulky I bought on closeout. Even though it’s bulky, the wool-cotton Balance blend means greenie might actually have some utility this spring (cool evenings?) whereas the cardigan is a planning-ahead-for-next-year sort of thing. I want the bronze cardigan more, but the hope of being able to wear the green one, however briefly, may bump it to the front of the line. Plus I’m overdue for a spot of color! But I’m a little torn over both, and really want both of those sweaters in the bronze! Whatever winds up going next, it will most likely be followed by the desperately needed (before next Fall) grey pullover.

But like I said, I’m casting on nothing until Channel is done. I know there would be late nights where I reach for the stockinette thing, putting Channel at risk of not getting done in time. So for now the alternative, should I need it, is to cast on the Channel button bands/collar, which is a whole project unto itself.

Also, it’s time to start thinking about my sewing queue. I’ve got some spring wardrobe planning to do …

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

• Channel Cardigan pattern by Jared Flood in Clever Camel | all Channel posts
Porter Bin project bag and Lykke interchangeable needles from Fringe Supply Co.


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  1. I love this idea of having two separate garment projects going at once. Sometimes, I’m so bored with the stockinette, I find I’m simply not knitting. I’ve always limited myself to one garment at a time. Of course, I always have a couple of pairs of socks on needles and maybe a shawl or gift hats. :)

  2. I always misread the Channel cardigan as the Chanel cardigan, but I think it works. I’m in the midst of queue organizing, which could be majorly overwhelming but needs to be done. A little while ago I decided that three was the magic number for WIPs (and here I mean active WIPs, not those sad things looking at you from the corner) and that they should include one mindless project, one challenging project (either patterning or colourwork), and one project for the upcoming season (because I’m always like – hey, I wish I had this sweater *now*). Sure, I have four projects in action at the moment, but it’s always good to have a guideline. Good luck with the queue categorization.

  3. Oh that Vidje!!! It would be perfect with a separating zipper…I’ve been thinking about the need for a nice charcoal sweater….

  4. Those pockets are perfection! Seeing those (plus no waist tie) has me suddenly pining for a Channel of my very own. I have a few other sweaters to knit first, but I could see Channel slipping onto my needles in the not-too-distant future.

  5. Check out Heidi Kierrmaier (sp?) on Ravelry for simple stockinette cardigans (and some pullovers). Cardigans I would recommend are Fine Sand and Peasy.

  6. But the important question is what will you knit on the plane? 7 hours each way; you’ll sleep part of the way there, but on the way back, you need to plan carefully. That’s some prime knitting time!

  7. WOW! I love your Channel!! Also love the pockets! I always keep a pair of vanilla socks on needles for times when I want to knit but don’t want to stretch my brain. That said, I looked up Leslie F’s suggestions of the two Heidi Kirrmaier sweaters and they both appear to be fun, easy-on-the-brain knits.

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