Lesson learned

Lesson learned

I did some very productive knitting yesterday and the Sunday before — road tripping to and from my sister’s house in Florida. I was working from there all last week, but made a wildly unoriginal discovery on Wednesday afternoon. My niece’s school let out early that day, so I shut the lid on my laptop and the four of us (me, Bob, sister, niece) went to the beach for a bit. In between playing with Nina in the waves and the sand, I was camped out in a chair under a beach umbrella, knitting my Channel cardigan. At first I was wondering how it was possible that I’d never done that before — how I could not have known how brilliant it is to knit on a beach on a breezy-cool day with a pile of sweater flowing across the lap — and then I remembered: I’m not a beach person. I’m a shade worshipper, for one thing, and have never really known what to do with myself at a beach. I mean, I love to go to the beach, take a nice walk and a dozen photos. But to sit down and hang out? Well, now I know.

(Stowe Bag pattern at Fringe Supply Co.)

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  1. I was certain that this post was going to be “I got sand all up in my cardigan” lol

      • I’m glad you got some rest and relaxation :) your insta stories with your nephew was so cute!!! (fwiw I am always down to see more of your ~life~ if you feel comfortable sharing)

    • Ha ha, same here! Saw the photo and said out loud, “Oh NOOOOOO!”

      Glad there was a happier story to be told!

  2. I have tried knitting on the beach, I am a very beach person, but I found that the air humidity and salt are absorbed by the wool, and it stops sliding on the needles.

    • It was cool and windy — actually quite cool in the shade, which is where I insist on being. It would definitely be different on a hot/humid day.

  3. Something funny happens to me as soon as I sit or lie down at the beach in warm sunshine: within seconds I fall asleep. It doesn’t happen anywhere else, only at the beach and only when it is sunny. Last time I took my knitting to the beach, I woke up with my face pressing it into the sand. Nuts!

  4. lol I thought for sure you were going to say that your laptop died or something. Glad you found something to do at the beach that you like. :-) I have not tried that, because I love swimming so much, I only get out of the water when I am chilled to the bone, and then my hands are pruney and salty, not good for knitting. :-)

  5. We’re traveling to Destin, FL for a few days during my husband’s spring break. It will probably be a bit cold to swim but it will be great for beach knitting! :)

  6. I love to hear you have discovered my favorite beach pastime. In San Diego it is the only thing I do at the beach, besides a quick invigorating swim on the rare day that the water is warm enough for me to swim, I can walk to the beach with my chair with an umbrella attached and my knitting knapsack!

  7. Knitting on the beach is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. But, I live in RI and there is usually a nice breeze and I bring an umbrella for some shade. Listening and looking at the ocean while knitting something not too complicated is my ideal relaxation!

  8. Oh, yeah. Beach knitting, how I love thee. Sitting under an umbrella (I’m a shade worshipper, too), with a cool drink, my knitting, the sound of waves and sea gulls. Bliss.

  9. Can’t say I’ve ever tried beach knitting, though I have done poolside knitting. Way less risk of sand in the sweater ;)

  10. I love the sound of beach knitting, although I am yet to try it. Your stowe makes an excellent beach bag. I really do need to crack on and make myself a few!

  11. Beware: Knitting on the beach with libations can cause a bad case of “Drink & Tink”. Just saying.

  12. Yeah, looking forward to doing some beach knitting this year–haven’t tried it. Need an easy project where you can turn-off. Last summer, I took a project that I had to concentrate on, so no beach knitting. The weather here in Southern England isn’t usually too hot/humid, and often, there’s a breeze. Let’s hope it not the windy weather that makes the sand fly all over you! That wouldn’t be good 😊

  13. Beach knitting is the best! WI summers are short so I try to go once a week. It is so meditative to knit, read, swim and listen to Lake Michigan’s waves roll onto the shore.

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