New Favorites: Spring shawls

New Favorites: Spring shawls

March! That time of the year when we all start to ditch our coats and knitters replace them with shawls instead of jackets—

TOP: With Ease by Sylvia McFadden looks to me like it’s knitted from the left edge to the right tip, which is as tempting as that gorgeous stitch pattern

MIDDLE LEFT: Black River Blanket Shawl by Sam Lamb is a basic top-down triangle shawl with the visual punch of a trio of stripes

MIDDLE RIGHT: Flindra by Libby Jonson is an elongated triangle with intriguing construction plus slip-stitch colorwork

BOTTOM: Goderich Blanket by Tara-Lynn Morrison is a small rectangle worn as a wrap — love that “diagonal rib” stitch (free pattern)


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19 thoughts on “New Favorites: Spring shawls

  1. This time of year in the South is challenging. We are between seasons. One day almost 80, next day 45. I layer with a tank or tee under a sweater so I can slip out of the layer if the temps change dramatically, which they do here. Always keep a shawl in your bag, because at some point you’ve pulled off that pullover, and still need a little something on the shoulders…Not too warm!
    So many to choose from, I have binders full of patterns and inspiration. Now to find the time to make more (I’ve got about a dozen to choose from now.)

  2. there are more shawls that I want to knit than time, hands and warm days I have lol this time last year I put the pink shawl that was on the cover of the spring amirisu in my to knit next line and I haven’t even specified yarn. love the flindra, would be so good in a low contrast pair.

    speaking of specifying yarn, anyone have a favorite shawl yarn (or fiber blend?) for a spring shawl?

    • oops!! it was a pink cardigan on amirisu, my mistake. the shawl I was thinking of was Nadeshiko by leila raabe in the same issue

  3. So DC/Maryland has been all over the place with temps. I’m currently working on a Find Your Fade shawl. I’m typically not a shawl person but I love color and seeing everyone’s huge wraps in such awesome color palettes made me feel like I was missing out. In the meantime, last year I worked up a cape for myself that I love wearing this time of year. It’s just the right weight and light enough to toss into a tote bag when it warms up.

    • What a great cape! You should be so proud of yourself for a job well done. Personally, I think you should make your Caldwell Cape pattern available for purchase… even if you do not do the scaling. I would buy it in a New York Minute and scale it myself.

      Hmmm… would you be interested in help scaling it? Then EVERYONE would have the opportunity to ENJOY your wonderful Caldwell Cape.

  4. I have always had issues wearing shawls. They slip off and I end up carrying them. Any pattern suggestions for ones that stay put and you can still wear a shoulder bag?

  5. I love how shawls have gone from an old lady accessory (or grand dame, if that’s more your speed) to something all the kids are doing (kinda). Andrea Mowry keeps cranking out some gorgeous patterns – Rose Gold is pretty amazing, and I own her Freshwater shawl pattern. But I really need to block the shawl I finished, oh, at least a year or more ago?! Yeah, that’s what’s happening over here. Dreaming of other shawls while ignoring my own. Sigh.

  6. I’ve been looking and looking at shawl patterns and have not seen any of these. I love them! I’ve just gotten around to beginning a version of the asymmetrical garter stitch shawl in leaf green (spring where are you?) that you posted last year.

  7. Love. With Ease. Have enough Clara 1.0 to make this shawl. In moosekit. Yes! Time to wind the yarn and swatch! This yarn has been waiting for just the right pattern. This pattern might be The One! Thanks for your post.

  8. March may be time to ditch coats where you are, but here on the north shore of Lake Ontario, we’re still swinging between daytime highs of 5 or 6C and other days when -10C is the best Mother Nature can do. I have a new knitted coat, but there hasn’t been a day warm enough to wear it out of doors. Perhaps by April…

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