New Favorites: Bits to borrow

New Favorites: Bits to borrow

You know that feeling when you see a stitch pattern and your fingers start twitching with the urge to knit it? But sometimes it’s on a garment or accessory that doesn’t quite suit you. So what’s a knitter to do?

TOP: Salt by Sylvia McFadden
I’m obsessed with stitch patterns like this one — especially this one — but not much of a shawl wearer (or knitter), so here I am pondering borrowing it for a little hat or somesuch.

BOTTOM: Split Stone by Clare Mountain
I really love what’s happening on the lower part of this sweater — I’m just not personally a fan of drop-shoulder sweaters. So I can’t help daydreaming about knitting this one from hem to underarm and then just changing what happens from there up.

(In both cases, obviously, I would buy the pattern!)


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12 thoughts on “New Favorites: Bits to borrow

  1. A rectangular option with a similar pattern to Salt is Anne Hanson’s Hypotenuse:
    I made it in a solid color, fairly large, to serve as a freezing office/plane trip schmatte.

    Also similar from my library: the Escher-y Milestones baby blanket, which is so chic that my sister whose house looks like a Calvin Klein ad has actually draped it on a chair:

  2. I’m not much of a lace or lacy shawl knitter, but I recently knitted up a couple of big chunky ones because I’ve been obsessed with that pinterest picture from a few years ago of that huge garter stitch wrap. I also made Paris Toujours by Isabell Kraemer and Guerrier by Justyna Lorkowska. (Designed for men.) None are lacy, and I realized that I DO like shawls/wraps and want to make one for myself. (Those were all gifts.) Salt might be the one I make for myself, one of these days!

  3. Love that sweater!

    I often “modify” patterns, especially socks. I like a toeup sock but soneof the cutest patterns are cuff down, so I make it work.

    And yes, it is important to buy the patterns!

  4. I’ve purchased several “shawl” patterns which are really worn like scarves, as this one is shown. I don’t like shawls either, but I like the way these hang when used as scarves, with the tapering edge.

  5. I have found that I don’t wear shawls very much. This is unfortunate, as they are fun to make and I have made quite a few of them. I have changed over to cowls, as they also warm your neck and shoulders and don’t require management.
    I am with you on the dropped shoulders, which look bad on most people. There seems to be an eighties revival in fashion now and dropped shoulders are part of it. Here’s hoping they go out of style soon.

    • I see dropped shoulders as a reference to traditional guernsey sweaters, which have never really gone in or out of style!

  6. Karen, thank you so much for sharing my sweater pattern! I think it would look super cute with set-in sleeves – definitely something worth experimenting with.

  7. I became obsessed with the Miura cowl by Olga Buraya-Kefelian (olgajazzy on Ravelry) and loved how, unblocked, it automatically created pleats and such wonderful texture. Can I insert a link here?

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