New Favorites: Grille

New Favorites: Grille by Bonnie Sennott

As you likely heard, the ninth edition of Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People hit the airwaves yesterday — a collection containing seven lace shawl patterns and seven sweater patterns. Were I a lace shawl person, I’d be casting on Loden ASAP. But I’m a sweater person, and the one here that makes my heart go pitty-pat is Grille by Bonnie Sennott. My love of the sweater vest is well-documented, as is my affinity for textural knit-purl patterns. So this oversized, sleeveless, crewneck number has my name written all over it.


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  1. I really love Loden. I can’t really see myself wearing most of the rest of the collection. I have trouble with the very stylized presentation – I find it really hard to even get a good look at the garment when the model is standing in such a weird posture, let alone imagine myself in it. I know that’s normal for the fashion world, but it’s just not to my taste. Some of the designs look too boxy for my shape, but it’s hard to tell how much is the styling, I’m looking forward to seeing some finished projects.

    I have an unrelated Q for you and my fellow readers – what pattern writers or companies do you turn to for a reliably well written pattern? Maybe it is relevant since BT is known for publishing very usable patterns :) Being new to knitting and having just slogged my way through an unclear and relatively expensive pattern, I’m keen to make sure my next project is more enjoyable!

    • Hi Olivia,

      To answer your question, I’ve had a positive experience with these designers:
      – Quince and Co (I knit Kara)
      – Brooklyn Tweed (I am knitting Little Wave now)
      – Isabell Kraemer (I knit a hint of summer)
      – Elizabeth Smith (I knit Jessie’s girl)

      When I did run into difficulties with other patterns, I turned to the designer and usually got assistance. But I totally know what you mean about the challenges of unclear patterns or ones with uncorrected errors. Though I learned a lot in that case.

      • oh, and how could I forget: Amy Herzog, including her customfit patterns. I basically learned how to knit from a pattern using those.

      • I would add Carrie Hoge/Madder Made to this list and a few of the Winged Knits patterns I have made were well written.
        It definitely pays to research the comments if you can and also to take a look through the pattern writers’ previous patterns, looking for style and fit on the garments in general. Sloppy photo presentation usually represents poor pattern writing, etc. Good question!!

    • I’d also check out Hanna Fettig (knitbot), Joji Locatelli, and Carrie Bostick-Hodge (Madder Made) for more well-written sweater patterns.

    • I agree with you, Olivia, it was hard to really get a feel for the style of the knitwear in this particular book.

    • I would also add Gudren Johnson and Melanie Berg to your list of designers to check out. Melanie has designed some beautiful shawls. I knit Gudren’s Levenwick sweater several years ago after having been away from knitting for about ten years and even though though my skills were definitely rusty, I had no problem with the pattern – it was very well-written. The new BT collection didn’t really capture my imagination either – the designs were too boxy for me, although I loved the texture of many of the sweaters, especially Grille.

    • I would add Heidi Kirrmaier to this very good list of designers. Her patterns are just flawless. Regular stitch counts, very thorough schematics, and full notes and instructions under the abbreviations. And, if you do have any questions or need advice, she responds right away.

  2. When I saw this design yesterday it went right to the top of my queue. I need to finish the shawl I am working on, Water’s Edge by Cabinfour, and then Grille will be on my needles.

  3. I love the whole new Wool People collection! Particularly, I love the stoles and am rolling around what yarn I have in stash to start Gyre. The Gehry sweater has caught my eye, too.

    I’m interested to see your Little Waves. I recently knit and re-knit that pattern and finally finished it. The fit on the saddle shoulder was really challenging to me but I finally got a fit I was happy with and I LOVE the finished sweater!

  4. I have had great experiences with BT. I knitted the vest, very much like Grille, from last year. I love it. i am now looking for a basic, simple cardigan, not too heavy. Any suggestions? After reading your post, a month or so back, think I will do it in camel.

  5. Oh, it’s a gorgeous collection. I love the crescent shawl, and as always the photography makes me want to live in it. And I really love that Brooklyn Tweed usually uses models of different ages. I’m with Olivia, though — these boxy shapes are not for everyone, and sometime it would be nice to see someone with more of a bust shown.

  6. Thanks for featuring my pattern – I’m thrilled that it appeals to you! If I were to cast on a Grille for myself (and I”m seriously considering it), I’d make it in Barn Owl. I really love that color.

  7. Grille was the only one I faved from the collection. A vest with a bit of poncho to it. I love the simple texture, too. Not too chunky.

  8. I knit Bonnie Sennot’s Sawmill River hat – more knit-purl genius – keep wanting to use the motif in something else. Grille is lovely but I always shy away from those extended wing caps. I need to get over that or prepare to alter to more conventional armholes.

  9. There is something to be said for your style if your friends can see you wearing a pattern~I thought of you instantly when I landed on this one ; )

  10. I’m still savoring the new BT Collection – though Grille was an immediate favorite. Loved the shawls and will look forward to any new hat patterns showing up. But LOVED the turn this post took with the suggestions on favorite pattern designers. Thank you for all suggestions! You know where I’ll be after this… ;)
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed knitting Thea Colman “Baby Cocktail” hats and they’ve been a huge hit as gifts for my family.

  11. This is my favorite as well. I’m still a total novice knitter but I really want to knit a sweater. I’ve only ever knit scarves and cowls so far. Maybe this will be the one!

  12. In this Wool People, I’m in love with Olga B-K’s Koto. Do any of you have experience knitting from her patterns?

  13. Loving the Grille & Truss sweaters, both are going on my to-knit list. I’m not really a lace person but the large, kind of unexpected scale of Truss has me intrigued…going to ponder that one for a while.

  14. Oh no…! I want ALL the sweaters in this look book. They all feel like me. I hanker for Grille like you, and I really like Koto and Ghery too for their textural details and neat shape. I guess I just love masculine styled boxy knits that I can wear with my brogues and man-style pants and the proportions of these sweaters and cardigans all work for my shape.

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