World’s softest helmet (2018 FO-5)

World's softest helmet (2018 FO-5)

This hat for my nephew — No.2 in the so-called February Hats Project — was a total delight to knit. It’s the 1898 Hat, which was the last of the six patterns for the Fringe Hatalong Series a couple of years ago and which I never got to knit! I’d done the first four of them along with everyone, and then got derailed on the final two by all the usual year-end obligations in my world. (There’s a summary and links to all 6 fantastic patterns here.) So I was excited to finally get to do it, and it was even more fun than I expected. The pattern was designed for seamen — you can read all about it here — with double-thick earflaps, and the way it’s constructed is just so clever and polished. It’s amazing to watch it come together.

The yarn is Woolfolk Far, my first time knitting with it, and it’s almost alarmingly soft. It’s ultra fine merino in a chainette construction, and after all the sheepy rustic woolly yarns I’ve been knitting with it, I almost couldn’t hold onto it. Do you know what I mean? It’s like trying to knit a puff of air after all that. I knit with worsted-weight yarns pretty much always, and have a really good feel for my gauge, but had to go up a needle size with this after my initial pass at the brim was coming out TINY. But once I got that sorted out and my fingers grew used to it, it was a joy to knit, and made the softest squishiest hat you’ve ever seen, which is kind of funny since it looks like helmet.

My only mod here was to make it shallower to fit the lad’s head. Halfway through the crown decrease rounds, I went down one needle size as well as omitting the work-even rounds from there on up, for a more rapid decrease overall. It’s 19″ around and 7″ tall, and hopefully I’ve nailed it.

I’ll definitely be knitting this again (and again).

World's softest helmet (2018 FO-5)

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  1. I knit that hat as part of your hat along and loved the construction. It came out too small as I didn’t make adjustments but it is one I’d knit again and I don’t usually knit the same projects twice.

  2. So cute, and this yarn looks super soft in the picture as well. I knit this one last year, it is really a clever construction and keeps the ears warmly tucked in.

  3. I made this hat for my husband and he loves it. It keeps his ears really warm, and he says it’s a really good hat to wear if you wear glasses, because there’s more clearance at the front. Because of its construction it’s also very easy to make it a little smaller or bigger.

  4. This looks so nice! Great color choice too. And I know just what you mean about knitting with Far. But once you get used to the hand it really is nice to work with. I enjoyed knitting this hat too, for all the same reasons. I keep meaning to knit one for the Seamen’s Church Institute, so this is good reminder!

  5. I’ve knit this twice and had to shorten the top too as my husband likes it to be closer fitting. It is definitely a fun hat to make!

  6. I made this for my son. Love the warm headband. For a baby I also like to make the Purl Soho garter stitch helmet/hat for babies. . Short rows are so amazing .

  7. That wool ! Damn you, I’ve just spent a fortnight (or thereabouts) wandering through their site … But I need to say that it is always a positive pleaasure to see your knitting, finished or un. I long to be able to produce knitting that faintly resembles yours; and meanwhile continue to look at the images you post with admiration.

  8. I still haven’t made the full hat version of this yet (just the headband) but this is one of the patterns that I keep coming back to again. I’m about to cast on my third one this year!
    It looks so lovely and squishy in that yarn :)

    • Love Kanye’s effort – how to go incognito (not) – but as the article says, that’s probably what he was aiming for!

  9. I’ve made this hat at least four times. I like doing the band in one color and the crown and slip stitch edging in a second color. I do the inside of the band in cashmere I recycled from a thrift shop sweater. No itchy ears. Sometimes I keep going and do an inner crown a la EZ’s Very Warm Hat. That’s super warm and no itch for my bald husband. It’s my go to pattern for males.

  10. I have made this hat twice, for my son-in-law. He loves them both. He says they are great for working outside as they keep him toasty warm whilst on rooves or putting up fences etc. Easy to make in either nice smooth double knitting or in chunky yarn, did both adjusting needles for tension. Lovely pattern, thank you.

  11. That Far is so wonderful it should almost be a controlled substance. I made a cowl out of it and it is so amazingly cuddly and warm around your neck.

  12. I made three of these hats for Christmas gifts. The recipients all loved them! My dad wears his ice fishing in northern Wisconsin and says its amazing!!

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  16. I’ve knit this hat a couple of times, its entertaining to knit and the doubled earflaps are so warm and perfect for working outside in our northern Canadian winters!

    • You’d need to do all the math for whatever dimensions you want it to wind up. My nephew was 13 at the time, somewhat small for his age, and it fits him (and will stretch as he grows), but it’s definitely sized for adults.

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