Hats for skill-building and gift-giving

Free hat patterns for skill-building and gift-giving

It’s that time of year when two things are happening: new and beginning knitters are looking for ways to learn, and knitters of all skill levels are looking for great hat patterns for gift and charity knitting. (Not to mention those of us who are just always on the lookout for a great hat!) As it happens, there’s a whole series of free patterns right here on Fringe Association that can satisfy all of the above! Last year, I had the idea to do a hat knitalong every other month, mostly to force myself to knit something other than sweaters — and have your company doing it — but the collection evolved into a pretty amazing little master class, as these hats escort you from the most basic knits and purls up through lace, colorwork and cables, with lessons in swatching, chart-reading and stranding along the way! So whether you’re looking to fill out your skill set or your gift pile, we’ve got you covered—

1. KNITS + PURLS: Audrey by Jessie Roselyn

2. KNIT-PURL TRICKERY: L’Arbre by Cirilia Rose

3. LACE: Hermaness Worsted by Gudrun Johnston

4. STRANDED KNITTING: Laurus by Dianna Walla

5. CABLES: Seathwaite by Kate Gagnon Osborn

6. CLEVER CONSTRUCTION: 1898 Hat by Kristine Byrnes

Or scroll through the entire Fringe Hatalong Series. Depending on yarn choice, nearly all of them are unisex, and I can personally account for their popularity: My Audrey is one of most repinned posts in the history of the blog; my niece kept my L’Arbre; and my husband laid claim to my Laurus.


PREVIOUSLY in Holiday Knitting Cheat Sheets: A hat for every head / Cowls all around / Warm hands, warm hearts

16 thoughts on “Hats for skill-building and gift-giving

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  2. I was just thinking the other day, I need to knit more hats (my first adult hat knitted in the round wasn’t perfect) so thank you for some great inspiration. The Aubrey hat is very pretty!

  3. I love the 1898 hat, so thank you for the link! It will make some amazing Xmas presents and has such clever construction. However, in the post about it, you mention DG – and mention that he is of the male persuasion… which for some reason I had always imagined DG as a lady! I know DG packs orders and DG helps you at shows and DG is apparently amazing… would you ever consider doing a feature on DG? He is as mysterious as he is amazing, as far as I can find…

  4. Your list is great but incomplete without your Plait Hat and Pink Hipster Beanie (which looks great on you). It is indeed time for Christmas hats. Thanks

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  7. I just finished my 5th Audrey hat! Everytime I finish one, someone else in my family sees it and requests one. They make great Christmas presents.

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