Holiday knitting cheat sheet: Warm hands, warm hearts

Holiday knitting cheat sheet: Warm hands, warm heart

Given that fingerless gloves have always been my favorite thing to knit, it’s funny that we’ve talked about hats for the whole family and cowls all around, but I’ve never done a holiday knitting rundown of which mitts to knit for whom. Well, here it is!

1. the girly girl: Rhea Wrist Warmers by Kari-Helen Rane — pretty lace on the back of the hand, ribbing everywhere else

2. the tomboy: Stadium Mitts by yours truly — what can I say? so simple and versatile (free pattern)

3. the traditionalist: Leaves Fingerless Gloves by Valentina Georgieva — easy cables-and-lace chart in aran weight (free pattern)

4. the english major: Brooke Mitts by Michele Rose Orne — simple colorwork that won’t slow you down

5. the sophisticate: Fure by Olga Buraya-Kefelian — yep, still have these long, luscious beauties on my mind

6. the dude: Man Hands by Shireen Nadir — slightly more dudely than the average unisex mitts

7. the art student:Gradient Mitts by Krista McCurdy — ombré is irresistible (see also Purl Bee’s Colorblock Hand Warmers, longer, fingering, gussetless, free)

8. the unknown recipient: 70-Yard Mitts by Hannah Fettig — lightning fast, stash-busting and, depending on color, suitable for anyone

Like always, that last one is also a great idea to just knit to have on hand … for that Oops! moment.


Speaking of gifts, if you’re not inclined to knit for the whole family (or you’re crafting your own wish list!), know that I’ve got lots of amazing goodies coming to Fringe Supply Co. in the coming weeks. I put one super fun gift item up over the weekend, just because I couldn’t resist: Shabd’s Magic Jar Dye Kit.


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9 thoughts on “Holiday knitting cheat sheet: Warm hands, warm hearts

  1. Oooh, love this roundup! Any chance you could do some more? (I’m not a huge fan of fingerless mitts but I AM a huge fan of holiday knitting!

  2. I want to knit everyone of these! And I loved going back to your other Holiday Cheat Sheets and looking at the hats and cowls. After the knitting experiences of this year (cabling!) I’m seeing some of the patterns much differently – and longingly.
    PS I did, indeed, take on learning to cable (hats) after being inspired by the Amanda Sweater project. And now I’m in love with cables. (Duh, right?)

  3. Love Olga’s #5. Simple, luxurious, and practical, especially like the range of coverage they offer.

    Last year all the gals on my holiday list got fingerless mitts. This year they are getting cowls out of Road to China Light. Great colors, and so soft and silky against the skin.

  4. Lovely selection, as always for your round-ups. I love mittens. But with polar temperatures announced later this week, I’m on the lookout for a simple formula to transform fingerless gloves in gloves. Or maybe I just need to continue wearing thin gloves under my favorite mitts.

  5. Love this post! I’m going to need to knit a pair of these for the studio this winter, I can already tell, and it’s so nice of you to have done the research for me ;) Seriously though I agree, your roundups really are great!

  6. Thanks! The Dude is great. My brother is in a nursing home, and his hands are always cold. These will fit the bill for a quick Christmas gift!

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