Holiday knitting cheat sheet: Cowls all around

Holiday knitting cheat sheet: A cowl pattern for every girl on your list

Gift knitting is stressful, ain’t it? The good news is, everyone loves a cowl. (Girls, anyway.) So just like with last year’s holiday hat knitting cheat sheet, I’ve put together a little gift guide for you: fabulous patterns, and the ladies who’ll love them:

1. the academic: Inkling by Dianna Walla, a stately, timeless and seamless striped tube

2. the victorian lit lover: Imogen Cowl by Carrie Bostick Hoge, exquisite grafted lace

3. the city mouse: Warren Street Cowl by Michele Wang, understated geometric texture (See also: South Paris)

4. the country mouse: Big Herringbone Cowl from the Purl Bee, squishy textural bliss (free pattern)

5. the grande dame: Lowbrow Cowl by Thao Nguyen, a million times more elegant than its name

6. the vintage junkie: Pine Bough Cowl by Dianna Walla, truly amazing colorwork in another seamless tube (free pattern) (See also: Ticking Cowl)

7. the bon vivant: Hamanasu Cowl by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, the master of mind-bending stitchery

8. the globetrotter: Bogolan by Elizabeth Davis, a trio of two-sided, mud-cloth inspired patterns (thanks, Meg)

9. the traditionalist: Chalet Cowl by Yarn Garden, simply beautiful cables (See also: Cabled Cowl — free pattern)

10. the sophisticate: Kennebec by Dawn Catanzaro, beautifully proportioned brioche

Actually, that last one could work for anyone, depending on your yarn and color choice. So that might be the one you make a spare of, just in case.


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25 thoughts on “Holiday knitting cheat sheet: Cowls all around

  1. Thanks for this wonderful post. I’ve been knitting Christmas gifts for a month and my inspiration was starting to dry up a bit. I’ve been knitting SO many hats.

    Your post from last year tempts me though. I thought I was getting tired of hats…

  2. YES!! Thank you, thank you – because cowls are exactly what my family is getting for the holidays and these are luscious. At the moment I’m thrilled to be knitting true moebius scarves (half twist) via a YouTube by Cat Bordhi (Moebus Scarf Tutorial.) However, can’t do one thing too long! These cowls and the hat post – oh yeah! Not to mention lovely early morning reading: the patterns and fantasizing the possibilities.

  3. These are all beautiful and I love the fun you’ve had in categorizing them. Your writing is as keen as your eye, Karen.

    I’ve been making Xmas gifts too, in fact, for once, I started early, but more ideas are always welcomed, so thank you. (Though I want the Sophisticate for myself, ASAP. That color!)

  4. I am already at work on a holiday cowl – Riverbank by Melissa Thomson. They are so simple and lovely and good for gifts! This is a great selection!

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  8. Love this selection. Just wanted to point out though – you have Dianna Walla’s Pine Bough Cowl cited to Dianna Walls.

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