Elsewhere: Yarn mobility, craft utility, and what Ralph Lauren has to do with anything

Yarny links for the weekend

Oh Friday, sweet Friday. I’m off this afternoon to wander the market floor at Interweave Knitting Lab, where I’m also taking a class Sunday morning, which I look forward to telling you all about. But for now, Elsewhere:

— Imperial Stock Ranch got to share some truly amazing (you might say Olympic-sized) news this week, presented here in the form of a Ralph Lauren “film.” (Seriously, watch it.)

— Love this: 30 Days of Indie Designers from In the Loop.

— The Haus of Yarn bus takes its maiden voyage next weekend, with my pal Meg at the wheel. If you’re in Tennessee, check out the schedule.

Crafting is good for mind and body. Also: Sewing is the new knitting.

New world knitting record, set in my hometown.

Favorite yarny Instagram of October.

— And big thanks to Felicia at The Craft Sessions for this. Just wish I could have been at the retreat last weekend.

Also: the sold-out rice baskets are restocked. And the mini (which I’m increasingly loving for small knitting project containment) is now available in the patterned blue. If you’re dying to have the mini in any of the other colors, let me know and I will happily arrange it.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Have a great weekend!


11 thoughts on “Elsewhere: Yarn mobility, craft utility, and what Ralph Lauren has to do with anything

  1. Love Haus of Yarn! I was in there the other day and we talked about you :) I live in East Nashville, and have never understood why there isn’t a yarn store over here, so this bus thing is realllly good.

  2. Christiane, that you have a ‘group’ for rhe ABC gals, will you forward this wkth instructions to look at the RL video …

    Really, talk about patriotism !!!  Whew, I almost cried!!

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  3. Sorry, I forgot the link!!  Might be easier to click on Karen’s ‘read more’ and then her link for the Ralph Lauren video ….

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  4. Oh, wow! Of course I cried – beautiful video and YAHOO! for the folks at Imperial Stock Ranch and the other US businesses that were part of that project.
    This weekend is the 5th anniversary of our little shop at its current location and also the weekend for the “Uncommon Threads” sale – weaving, knitting and gorgeous handspun, handdyed yarns (mostly in their finished garment state.) The Big Barn will be full of color and texture and passionate people. Can’t wait!

  5. Karen! I am so behind on my reading…catching up now and saw this post! Thanks for the mention about the Yarn Bus…Saturday was spectacular, loads of smiling customers, sheep, alpacas, goats…a beautiful fall day filled with awesome fiber-y goodness!

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