A L’Arbre … for my niece

A L'Arbre hat ... for my niece

As I was watching the rainbow of L’Arbre hats appear on the #fringehatalong feed on Instagram, I was debating what color I wanted mine to be. The icy blue ones are killing me, but so are all the jewel-toned ones from the Road to China palette. I’d decided in the swatch phase that I’d be using Purl Soho’s Worsted Twist, of which I have several colors in my stash. (Thanks to the nice people at Purl who sent me that bag last year.) When it came time to cast on, I grabbed the palest pink for some unknown reason. As I was knitting it, I just kept thinking how much my littlest niece would love this hat, not knowing I’d be seeing her again before it was even done.

Bob’s birthday is today, and late last week we decided a spontaneous road trip was in order. So we drove to Savannah, spent a night at a Georgia beach, and then drove to my sister’s house in Florida the following day. She and her husband are away, but the kids are here with my parents. And as predicted, the little miss fell in love with the pink hat. I asked her if she’d model it for me when I finished it, and she thought it needed a flower and to be hers. And so it is.

Once again, it’s been fun to knit along with so many of you. I especially love all the comments from people who would have shied away from this stitch pattern and were thrilled to find it so simple and satisfying. I want to say a huge THANK YOU again to Cirilia Rose and the fine folks at STC Craft for giving us this pattern for the knitalong! If you haven’t cast on yet, there’s plenty of time! I’ll announce the next Fringe Hatalong Series pattern pick in June, and I’ll tell you in the meantime that it’s a very simple little lace pattern. So if you’ve never done a yarnover (on purpose) or knitted from a chart, this will be a good chance. But meanwhile, keep those Audrey and L’Arbre hats coming! And keep tagging them #fringehatalong so everyone can see.


PREVIOUSLY in Fringe Hatalong Series: No. 2: L’Arbre by Cirilia Rose

15 thoughts on “A L’Arbre … for my niece

  1. Super cute hat. Happy Birthday to your husband. We just celebrated my husband’s too. Stubborn but lovable bull that he is. ;-)

  2. Super cute and I love the flower.

    I have a question about your improvised raglan – I’ve been reading through in preparation for my first attempt at one and it is super helpful, thank you! My question is, are your calculations based on your blocked or unblocked gauge? You’re trying it on unblocked, right? Are the two measurements close enough that it turns out well when you try it on unblocked and adjust from there? Thank you!

  3. Love this hat! Your niece is adorable! I have a six year old who would love to wear this hat non-stop! And of course, any self-respecting “girly girl” needs a flower…and of course, it has to be pink! I’m afraid I’m going to have to be a copy cat on this one…it’s just too cute to make any changes!

  4. P.S. Please forgive…I neglected to thank you and Cirilia (and her publisher) for a great hat pattern-
    I see many of these in my future! Thanks to everyone for your generosity!

  5. I love Me Made May, but also remember that part of being a conscious maker and consumer is just embracing the concept of “less.” Sure, it would be lovely to have a different handmade piece for 31 days, but more satisfying may be to have those few staple pieces and wear them often. For millennia, the average person’s wardrobe fit in a trunk and some wall hooks. No one cared about the same clothes worn often, as long as they were clean and in good repair. So less is my #MMM2015.

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