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A couple of Decembers ago, a good friend gave me the most awesome blank book for my birthday: a scissors-embossed kraft cover on a notebook compiled from found papers of every variety. A year or so later, I started selling Knitters Graph Paper Journal, and on a visit to the maker‘s studio one day I discovered she’d also been behind that Found Paper journal (long since sold out). And, more important, that she was in the process of amassing paper for another edition. Recently she reached critical mass with the collecting, and that second edition is now available at Fringe Supply Co.: Found Paper Memo Books! Smaller and available in four letterpressed colors, it’s even better than the original. Let’s just say that the day the samples arrived at the studio, DG and I had a bit of a brawl over who was going to get which colors. You might pick one or collect all four, but do take note: They’re a limited edition, gone when they’re gone!

Speaking of scissors, our collection of matte black minis is growing. And you’ll also find another amazing skin balm from Little Seed in the shop today, Botanical Butter. And if it’s Mother’s Day gifts you seek, the shop is full of all sorts of great gifts even non-knitter moms will love: blank books; the ever popular carved wood bowl; Bookhou totes, storage boxes and zip pouches; Bento Bags with their myriad uses — and lots more! We’d love to send your mom a box of beautiful things.

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!


5 thoughts on “Irresistible

  1. you had me at, “limited edition”…. Happy Friday to Me!!!! Can’t wait to get my little memo books and my tiny black scissors! GREAT STUFF, Karen !

  2. They are irresistible! I just order 8 memo books for party favors for my book club. And a Bookhou project box for the Umaro throw I just started. My niece and I were so happy to see you at Stitches. Your booth was beautiful! I hope you sold lots of your lovely things there.

  3. I ordered these books in each colour. It’s the first time I’ve ever ordered something from your shop and I just wanted to say thanks! I really love the concept behind these books – the hodge-podge of different papers is so unique and beautiful. They are the perfect way to record all my pattern notes.

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