My first, sort-of Me Made May pledge

My first, sort-of Me Made May pledge

Me Made May kicked off last Friday and, while I’m excited to be seeing so many handmade outfits appearing in my IG feed, I’ve been feeling a little sad that my fledgling handmade wardrobe isn’t to a point where I can participate in any real way — especially since the vast majority of my me-mades are wool sweaters. When I wrote about my handmade wardrobe role models recently, I linked to Zoe’s overview from last year, and I just went and read this year’s version. I can’t pledge to wear a certain number or percentage of handmades this month, but I’ve decided to make a different kind of pledge. While I’m cheering everyone else on in their wears, I’m going to focus on making. So I hereby pledge to make one garment per week for the month of May, or four finished garments by the end of the month. But my bigger pledge to myself is to have assembled a meaningful handmade wardrobe (knitted and sewn) by next May!

If you’re not already doing so, keep an eye on the #memademay and #mmmay15 hashtags on Instagram this month.


Pictured are my Vintage Waistcoat, modified Wiksten Tanks No. 1 and No. 1a, and Togue Stripes tank

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  1. But Karen, you’ve probably wore something handmade every day this entire winter (that is more than just a month), no? You should count that as something very special and feel proud!

  2. Your handmade wardrobe is impressive if not as extensive as you’d like. I also plan to make a garment a week for the month of May. I’ve got a mostly self drafted dress in progress, hope I like it when it’s finished. If I don’t, the process is still rewarding.

  3. Karen, you’re a lean, mean knitting machine! I envy your accomplishments…all so perfectly executed! I can’t believe how many pieces you’ve added to your wardrobe in such a short time! Be proud and be kind to yourself…I believe in having goals, but no added pressure to take away the joy in the journey(which is probably the reason for my pitiful number of finished objects!)!

  4. Oh dear- the month of May is not a good month for me to focus on me made wardrobes. This probably my busiest season on the farm. I am inspired though by this return to handmade clothing which I was so engrossed in as a teenager. My me made promise will be to schedule studio time this summer for some wardrobe focus. We will have to start our own hashtag… #memadepromise.

  5. You do so much for this movement! Hand made wardrobes were all I knew as a child. My mother made my clothes and hers. My grandmother even made her children’s under ware, so I am told. Through your blog I have become aware of the clothes I have and what I need or more importantly, what I don’t need. Thank you!

  6. Great idea! I too was excited about this til I realized I didn’t have much to wear. I’ve just started sewing in January and have a few things in progress. (Darn you buttonholes!) I am going to copy cat you and try to finish an item per week. PS…the vintage vest is my newest fave! As soon as I get some of the 12 or so wips off the needles I’ll be starting that.

    • I fully agree with this! Wouldn’t it be fun to see everyone’s makes on Instagram? I certainly have enough hand made cool weather gear to last 30 days! This needs to happen!

  7. Wow, I’m cheering you on with this…….looking forward to seeing what you make. Me, I’m making the improvised top down sweater, following your brilliant instructions! It’s my own personal challenge to make a decent jumper that fits me well, and to learn the process of knitting without a written pattern, as such. It’s going well, just going to measure up to see when to stop the raglan increases……it’s fitting well so far! I don’t have a great history with making things that fit well! So I have high hopes for this, and I’m being careful to concentrate fully on what I’m doing! Not my strong point. Just want to say thank you for such a great tutorial and so much helpful info, I’m learning a lot:)
    kate x

  8. I was just thinking the same thing this morning as I was getting dressed, bypassing my hand knit sweaters for a t-shirt. Recently I started sewing, but I have yet to make a garment for myself. My little daughter is reaping the benefits of my new skill thus far! Like you, I’ve pledged (to myself) to be able to participate next year!

  9. I feel the same way, although in the PNW I can still wear my socks and sweater some times. More than not having season-appropriate attire, though, I’ve just become very busy in recent weeks. I have two sweaters a hat, a pair of socks and a pair of mitts on my needles and my progress on any of them has been very slow as other projects have come up (making a quilt! tunisian crocheting washcloths for friends!) and life has generally taken over (gardening!). I like the spirit of Me Made May so I’m not going to feel bad about it. My sewing machine is still in the repair shop, but I’ll borrow somebody else’s for my quilt and then I’ll try to make a garment during this time. But if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. At this point, making things is about cultivating patience and persistence for me. I enjoy the little moments of making that I can give myself everyday. And I confidence that eventually me made items will come to dominate my wardrobe. Me Made Me is inspiring, but it’s something I’ll have to work up to next year.

  10. My pledge is to take part next year! My sewing isnt up to much but who knows by next year.. I hope to have more than my wardrobe of handmade sweaters.. which I love! But a winter autumn made it season sounds fun to this brit over the pond!

  11. We’re heading into winter here so I’m already wearing handmade everyday. I sometimes have to check myself that I haven’t overdone it with the handknits – hat, scarf, jumper, vest, skirt and socks is a bit overkill. I feel the cold more than the locals so 4ply jumpers in warmer fibers are fantastic. In the sewing department I want skirts. Just about to print out Alabama Chanin’s maxi skirt pattern and sew it in some leopard lace with a merino underlayer. Then I’m going to play with Colette’s tights pattern. Because this town is so antifashion I get to wear whatever because I’m going to stand out anyway. Life is a costume party for me.

  12. For all of us who Came late to the Party, next MeMadeMay we’ll be ready, although I really like the idea of fall/winter MeMades.

  13. This is exactly where I was last year! I did well enough that I’m feeling pretty good about my Me Made Pledge this year, and already I’m planning more sewing (and warm-weather knitting) to make next year’s MMM that much better. I like your plan to make one item a week throughout the month and may just have to join you in that. Hurray for a month of hand-made wardrobe inspiration!

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