Holiday knitting cheat sheet: A hat for every head

holiday hat patterns for every personality type

I might not be doing any holiday knitting this year but I can feel the angst of those of you out there comparing your to-knit-for list against the number of days remaining. So I have one soothing word for you: hats. I’m pretty sure last year was the official Year of the Cowl, and they can be incredibly quick to knit. (E.g.) But you know what’s even faster? Yep. And beanies of every sort are all the rage at the moment. So in an effort to be helpful, I’ve put together this cheat sheet — hat patterns by personality type:

1. the she-hipster: Bayard (or Norby)

2. the he-hipster: Bulletproof Aran Hat

3. the lovely lady: Milanese Lace Topper (free) (or Rosa)

4. the tough guy: Chunkeanie (free)

5. the traditionalist: Snöflinga (or Rosebud)

6. the outdoorsy chick: Spirograph (or Tetsubou)

7. the dapper fella: Felted Shetland Beret, preferably done Kent Turman-style

8. the minimalist: What

9. the fun-loving friend: Chapeau, with pompoms of course

10. the mystery-exchange recipient: Simple Rib Hat or Big Rib Hat (free)

Come to think of it, you might want to knit up that last one in an assortment of colors to have on hand. You know, just in case.


19 thoughts on “Holiday knitting cheat sheet: A hat for every head

  1. Reblogged this on Crafted and commented:
    With blogs like these, who needs to do anything but reblog?! Thanks x 1000 to Fringe Association (a recent discovery for me, and now a super favorite forever!) for this lovely and helpful post that is seriously taking some of the fear of holiday knitting out of my life. I love this woman.

  2. So this hat post must be for me…cause you know how much I love to knit them!
    Thanks for some new ideas

    • Hi, Micah. Jenny Gordy of Wiksten does make and sell her hats (#5 and some others) from time to time, but looks like she’s sold out at the moment. There’s probably someone reading this post who’d be happy to do a custom order. But you should learn to knit! So easy and therapeutic, and then you can have any hat your heart desires, exactly as you like it.

  3. Aha…I’ve been meaning to search for a hat pattern for my best friends boyfriend! Thank you…you’ve saved me a job. No 4 it is!

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