Transformative Mods: Big Alfred’s chic twin

frederika sweater heidi kirrmaier

There’s no way to say how many times I’ve looked at the photos for a simple but beautifully textured men’s raglan-sweater pattern called Big Alfred’s. It’s one of the countless sweaters I’ve knit in my head, shaping it exactly to my liking. And yet when I saw the pictures of Heidi Kirrmaier’s “Frederika” sweater, I didn’t make the connection. I love it with her wide foldover collar and turned-up cuffs — seemingly small mods that make for a completely different sweater.

If you’re not familiar with Kirrmaier (aka PiPiBird), be sure to check out her amazing range of sweater and accessory patterns. (I’m still trying to figure out whether Boardwalk, which I especially love, would work with my broad shoulders.)

[UPDATE JAN 2014: She’s now released this pattern — Such a Winters Day]


2 thoughts on “Transformative Mods: Big Alfred’s chic twin

  1. Pipibird has been in my faves for a while! I have broad shoulders, and I think Boardwalk would be great!

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