Make It Better Craftalong for Hurricane Sandy Relief

make it better craftalong hurricane sandy reliefAs you know, I’ve been looking for an organization that was willing to handle and distribute handmade scarves and hats for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. By way of the Etsy blog I finally learned of one:

Lend a crafting hand to help out those affected by Hurricane Sandy. New York-based makers Brett Bara and Natalie Soud have launched the Make It Better Craftalong to collect warm winter items for people coping with the aftermath of the storm. The handmade hats, scarves, blankets, mittens, and socks that they collect will be distributed in partnership with a grassroots group on the ground in affected areas.

Details here and here.

Of course, when donating money you always want to make sure the organization has been vetted and is legitimately distributing those funds as promised, but I think it’s safe to trust these crafty ladies with your warm woolens. The unfortunate part is that, although this just hit the Etsy blog yesterday, they announced it on the 6th and have set a cutoff date of the 16th. That’s Friday. So if you have something at the ready and you’re near enough for mail to arrive on time, please do donate. I’m not sure how this escaped me until now, but I’ll keep an eye on it — if they reopen for donations, I’ll post about it here.

Meanwhile, if anyone knows of any other organizations doing this, please do let me know.