Inverting “Beatnik”: Or, I may have just lost my mind

beatnik sweater knitting pattern by norah gaughan

Who knows why, exactly, but I swear every time I log in to Ravelry lately and check out my “friends” feed someone new has finished a Beatnik — a free, two-year-old, Norah Gaughan sweater pattern from Knitty. The one that put me over the edge is this stunning emerald green version by saraicat, aka Sarai Mitnick of Colette Patterns. As someone else pointed out in the comments, it is so Megan Draper, and it looks amazing on her. And I WANT IT. So I have a million things to do, no time to knit right now, and all I can think about is where I’ll start the raglans when I attempt to convert this to top-down.

(Yes, I do realize my very last post was about two other sweaters I simply must make. Like I said: mind = lost.)


5 thoughts on “Inverting “Beatnik”: Or, I may have just lost my mind

  1. Stoppit! My knit list is so long and I so love this sweater, but must. knit. cardigans! ;-)

      • I need to learn to knit with my toes! I have some cosy sweaters in the drawer but really need cardigans. Of course…I can always press-gang my mother in to help. She knits far faster than I! ;-)

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