The lovely Audrey

The lovely Audrey - free knitting pattern

This whole Fringe Hatalong Series idea was a good one, I can already tell. I finished my lovely Audrey hat — my third FO for the year — and feel confident it would not have happened had I not invited you all to knit along with me. I would have gotten sucked into the next sweater without a palate cleanser or quick finish to bolster me, as this has done. And I know I already said this, but it’s such a joy to watch hat after hat appear on the #fringehatalong tag at Instagram. (140-odd posts and counting!) There are far fewer listed on Ravelry — if you’ve made a project page for your hat, I’d love it if you’d add “fringehatalong” in the tags field so yours will show up with all the rest. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to see every color and pompom and modification. Meanwhile, I love this pretty little hat and am debating whether to leave it au naturel or toss it in a pot of avocado pits.

If you haven’t cast on yet, it’s not too late! The free Audrey Hat pattern is right here, and there’s no schedule. If you have questions, you can always ask them on the pattern post.

I also hope everyone has made the Seattle Children’s Hospital donation of a dollar or two that Anna requested in offering us the pattern for free. Part of my original idea for the Hatalong series was to feature a charity in each installment — a potential recipient for those of you who are knitting with the intention of giving it away — so I was very pleased that Anna was one step ahead of me in suggesting a small monetary donation for this round. From here on out, I’ll be directing attention to charities in need of hats. But if you are wanting to donate your finished Audrey, check with your local hospital hospice or chemo unit.


Jen Hewett for Fringe Supply Co. limited edition project bagUNRELATED NEWS YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR: The fourth and final installment of our limited-edition Jen Hewett project bags has arrived! As before, when they’re gone they’re gone! For this edition, we went back to the linen and jute drawstring bag from edition one. So if you’ve collected all four, you’ll have two linen and two cotton. The preorders have shipped and that left only about 70 bags available in the shop, so if you want one, don’t hesitate! We also got partial shipments of the amazing skim balm and Bento Bags this week, so see if what you’ve been wanting is there while you’re at it! If not, don’t worry, there’s more on the way.

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  1. Love this and I’ll add it to my next to do…I’ve finished a shawl, a helmet liner, 2 hats, 2 pairs of fingerless mitts. Wow. When I actually see it in writing, I’m amazed!

  2. Thanks, Karen for this great Hatalong! I decided to order the complete Audrey set and Snoqualmie Valley yarn from Tolt Yarn and Wool! The order was delivered so quickly, almost over night! I’m excited to try these new patterns, yarn, and jump in late for Hatalong.
    I haven’t knit a sweater in years, seriously thinking it will be my next big project. You’ve inspired and encouraged me to become a more thoughtful and organized knitter. Reading your blog led to reading my own knitting. This has made knitting an at home learning adventure, especially during really bad weather days this winter! Pat

  3. Is the KAL just for the Amanda Hat? Because I just took a break from my cardi to knit up a gift skein of FAR into a lovely (free) hat pattern called Pup Tent. Highly recommend it. And the yarn is friggin awesome.

  4. Mine is 2/3 done. If anyone is needing a charity to donate to, headhuggers has a chapter in most states and accepts chemo caps anytime

  5. Love the idea of donating hats from a KnitAlong to a charity! I have so much stash and knitting is a huge stress reliever for me. Can’t wait ’til the next hat challenge…

  6. I had to read your sentence about tossing it in a pot of avocado pits several times before I was convinced that I’d read it correctly – this just strikes me as so funny! What’s this all about, am I missing something? I hope you’ll explain!

  7. So I finally got started this weekend on the hat! Am I the only one that cusses when they mess up? I know I should not have had hockey on the TV when I started this project, because I usually make a mistake. I did; I am 3, count them, 3 stitches short of 132 stitches on round 12. Unless anyone has a trick up their sleeve, I’m going to undo that row and pay better attention next time. :)

  8. I finished the Audrey hat. It is so pretty, but I will have to find a kid who small head to wear it! Shall I try to block it and see if it increases in size any?
    Thanks! Hooked on your site, btw.

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