KTFO-2016.6 : black Anna Vest

FO : black Anna Vest

When I cast on this sweater in this yarn, as you know, I didn’t give it a ton of thought. I’d written the pattern for Tolt’s Farm to Needle book and sent off the sample, leaving me wanting one of my own. I thought the vest would be a great wardrobe staple in black, and I happened to have enough black Terra in my stash (purchased as part of a class at Squam in summer of ’14 for a different vest I never knitted). So I cast on! The minute I saw how amazing the yarn looked in this stitch pattern, I was in love. But even then, I had no idea how dreamy it would turn out to be in the finished garment. As noted in yesterday’s discussion, the weight and drape of this vest in this yarn is absolute perfection, which was basically a very lucky accident because omg I love this thing.

I’m never taking it off.

Difficult to photograph in this blackest black, but so easy to wear. I didn’t intend to only photograph it with sleeveless things — that just happened because it’s my favorite way to wear a vest, and this is what I wore the first three days after it was finished! (Included are my blue dress and my linen dress.)

The only modifications I made were to do one pocket instead of two, and knit the body to one inch shorter than the pattern calls for, anticipating that this yarn would likely grow when blocked (and/or worn), which it did. So in the end, it’s exactly the pattern dimensions for the second size. Knitted on US8.

Pattern: Anna Vest by Karen Templer
Yarn: Terra by The Fibre Co. in Coalwood
Cost: my own pattern ($0) + concave horn buttons $10 + yarn $112 (from stash; expenditure made in 2014) = $122

It’s not too late to join the Anna Vest Knitalong! Just use hashtag #annavestkal wherever you post.

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29 thoughts on “KTFO-2016.6 : black Anna Vest

  1. BEAUTIFUL! I can see that it is something that can (and should) be worn every day. Have a great weekend!

  2. The vest looks great, and since I have that stash of Terra, I’m keeping this under consideration. It’s just that I haven’t really thought I needed (hah!) a vest…but now, now I’m seriously considering it.

  3. So cute! Love the look with the dress. Mine is the naviest of navy so I think it will look similar. Made mine longer to wear with leggings. Find so much inspiration here.😊

  4. OK. You’ve pushed me off the fence with this post. I really need to knit myself one of these. This looks great!

  5. So useful in your wardrobe, especially at this transitional time of year. I really love the way you are a wardrobe knitter. And I love the black. In all my 50+ years of knitting I’ve still to take the plunge into knitting with black (so difficult to see for evening knitting), but I think you’ve got me sold. I’m a vest person too (Buttonbox from Spring Knitty 2013).

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