Meet Nicole Dupuis (again/for the first time)

Meet Nicole Dupuis (again)

Nicole Dupuis was one of the first people I met on Pinterest, back when I was a brand-new knitter (when you could actually meet people on Pinterest, before they buried the community layer). I admired her amazing taste and adored her now mostly dormant blog, and am so thrilled she’s just launched a new video podcast —  I can’t wait to spend time with the first episode. It’s called The Gentle Knitter, and you can also find Nicole these days on Instagram @thegentleknitter.

Speaking of back in the day and things being buried, there are now more than four years of content sitting the archives on this here blog. As you know, I work hard to publish daily, and that means there’s an incredible amount of stuff that’s just as (hopefully) interesting and relevant as the day when it was published. Only it may have been published when there were 100 or 1000 people reading, meaning 99,000 of you might never have seen it! So this week while I’m on vacation — and from time to time going forward — I’m going to highlight some of those posts. Starting today with the very first installment of Our Tools, Ourselves, which featured the lovely Nicole Dupuis. It’s still one of my favorites, and I hope you’ll give it a read!

9 thoughts on “Meet Nicole Dupuis (again/for the first time)

  1. I love how often you post and all the things you write about. Thanks for your work!

  2. I always go back to the things you link us to. You’re a natural teacher, Karen. You always reference prior learning! (I hate what they’ve done to pinterest! I want to see things from people I have chosen to follow!) Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

  3. Great plan – way to make your labor visible! I’m always surprised to find that there is so much back material I haven’t read. Thanks and enjoy your vacay!

  4. Thank you again for another great post! She is wonderful to listen to. I love all the inspiration
    you send us and your tutorials. I also loved seeing Nicole’s projects. More inspiration!

  5. Love receiving your blog every dayish! I always find it very inspiring…in fact, what pattern is that beautiful shawl draped over the couch.

  6. My day invariably begins by checking your blog..I have learnt so much from your posts…top down knitting, hats, finishing tricks..but most of all, I have learnt discipline and regular hard work from you– you post regularly, and that takes a lot of spirit!! Enjoy your vacation while I enjoy your back posts!!

  7. Thank you! I read the archive of “Our Tools” last night and it was a delight – the content is so well written and still totally relevant! Keep sending us back to things we may have missed, I love it! <3

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