Spring-into-Summer scarves

Spring-into-Summer scarves

We may be cutting it a bit close to knit something for Mother’s Day (this Sunday!), but I definitely wouldn’t put it past some of you. When I originally did this roundup of little scarves, it was with the idea that you might pick one for mom but, as is still true, they’re all light and lovely and especially useful for the Spring-into-Summer season. For yourself or a loved one. To see them all with pattern details, click through to the original post: Pretty spring scarves: Or, what to knit for Mother’s Day.


7 thoughts on “Spring-into-Summer scarves

  1. I love the patterns. Is there a technique to knitting lace? I always screw up even when it is charted or written.

  2.  Hi,These scarves are lovely but:Is it possible for you to include a couple of triangular scarves worn as a kerchief to keep the upper front of the chest warm? Something in a soft yarn with some lace detail. Kind regards, Crystina O’Brien

  3. NOT if your mom suffers from hot flashes!! Just looking at all those scarves is making me sweat :-(

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