KTFO-2016.4 : Blue sleeve/less dress

KTFO-2016.4 : Blue sleeveless dress details

Technically, I made this dress last fall (although it didn’t get hemmed until January) and remade it this year. It started out as a mash-up: Amber Corcoran’s Fen top spliced onto the lower half of Liesl Gibson’s Gallery Dress. (I.e., my beloved linen dress.) I had ensmallened the neckline — most neckholes in the world are too big for my liking — and changed the dress:sleeve proportion. I’m pretty sure I used the size 10 body and size 4 armhole and sleeve. The idea was to keep the dolman sleeve from being too dolman. And it turned out to be a really cute, really comfortable dress. But what I mean by too dolman is I wanted to be able to put a vest or cardigan or jacket over it. It worked, in a sense — I could put a cardigan over it — but it was still just too much fabric to really work as a layering piece. And as cute as it was on its own, for me and the way I like to dress, that’s too limited to live.

So I cut off the sleeves.

It was a total hack job and there’s no reason it should have worked out so well, so I’m chalking it up to beginner’s luck. But it really did work out well. The armholes lay nicely, and I repeated the Fen neckband treatment (which I really love) around the armholes. And now I’m happily wearing this dress under and over everything. But I said it at the time and feel it very strongly looking at these pics: I really wish I could have it both ways!

I also added a little pocket before calling it done, just because it was so plain. I’m planning to redraw my pattern for this from the ground up and make it again, and I have visions of big cargo pockets with flaps. I almost added them to this one, but it was just too much with the stripes. So we’ll see if that happens on a future iteration.

Patterns: Fen and Gallery Tunic + Dress
Fabric: Unknown blue cotton shirting (purchased as remnant from Imogene+Willie)
Cost: Fen pattern $20 (Gallery is a reuse) + $10 fabric = $30


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22 thoughts on “KTFO-2016.4 : Blue sleeve/less dress

  1. I like the way it looks without the sleeves. Nice work. Does Imogene & Willie have a yearly remnant sale or do they generally have stock on hand? I’ve been to the store once but live in Canada. Just like to know for the next time I make it to Nashville.

  2. I think the pocket really makes it. You are a smart cookie to think of it. I too think all neck holes are big and never know if I should redraw them or angle them off the fabric fold like Felicia does at Craft Sessions.

  3. Are you familiar with Simple Modern Sewing by Shufu To Seikatsu Sha? This dress reminds of the patterns in that book. The patterns and pictures are so lovely and simple.

  4. The dress came out very well and I’m glad you remade it to work for you!
    I also love your KTFO headlines. I refuse to learn its true meaning, because every time I see it I think “Knit the Fuck Out!” And it makes me laugh. :)

  5. Very versatile! Looks great with your sweater. Look forward to your iterations, too.

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