2017 FO-4 : the Squam hats

2017 FO-4 : the Squam hats

My latest finished object is actually a pair of them: the sample hats for my class at Squam this week. (Modeled by the lovely Silbia Ro.) I’m teaching (for the first time!) a beginner class in knitting cables and wanted to design a hat that met several criteria for that. 1) I want everyone to have a fair chance of leaving with a finished hat. 2) I want it to function as a good cable teaching tool while also being knittable in the social setting of a class, where there is all sorts of discussion going on the whole time. And of course, 3) I want it to be cute. I’m really happy with it on the third count, and will have to let you know how the other two work out! I’m calling it Debutant because it’s inspired by some vintage patterns in my old booklets, and because “debutant” is French for “beginner.” I hope my students will love it!

I haven’t decided yet whether or when I’ll be publishing the pattern — another thing I’ll have to let you know about. But for the moment, I’m at the lake, in the woods, in the classroom (and I’ll also be on Instagram) and taking the next two days off from the blog. If you’ve never seen my post about attending Squam in 2014, it’s full of lots of pretty pictures and might make a good stand-in if you need one. I’ll see a bunch of you at Squam — and at the Squam Art Fair; don’t forget about this little treat! — and will see the rest of you back here on Monday. Have a great weekend!

2017 FO-4 : the Squam hats

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20 thoughts on “2017 FO-4 : the Squam hats

  1. Gorgeous hats, Karen!! A great weekend for you too and lots of fun!!!

  2. I’m attending the September Squam, and sad I’ll miss you and this hat! Very cute! Maybe you could at least share the pattern with Squammies?? ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. I think the cries for the pattern will be loud all over! Both samples are lovely. Thanks for the French touch in the name ;-)

  4. Lovely pattern Karen. Have a wonderful weekend (oh what I would give to join in…)

  5. The cable pattern look good,
    I would be grateful if you send me the pattern.

  6. I love the combination of stitch patterns. The pebbly texture makes you notice the ribbing as part of the design rather than just as the usual start of a hat.

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