New Favorites: Huck

New Favorites: Huck

As you likely know, the Brooklyn Tweed Fall ’17 collection hit the airwaves yesterday, and there are several nice garments in there that could make their way into my queue someday. But the standout — the design that made me leap out of my chair a little — is Norah Gaughan’s hat pattern, Huck. I’ve been missing that raspberry/blackberry/trinity stitch from my fisherman sweater and planning to knit a funny little hat pattern from the same 1967 booklet (which partially inspired my teaching pattern, Debutant) that uses the same stitch. But Norah has hit this one well out of the park. The way the cables nestle into the raspberries is flat-out stunning, and looks like it would be so fun to knit … that I already printed the pattern!* I look at so many hat patterns every week of my life, and this one was such a jolt of originality. I was about to say now I can’t decide between this one and the vintage one, but they’re hats! No need to choose.

*I feel compelled to note here, by way of a little PSA, that if you’re printing this (or any) pattern, please only print the pages you need! This one is hilariously 11 pages long, but you actually only need a few of them.


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  1. Norah knows what she’s doing with cables, doesn’t she? Her stag head cable sweater in the second Making magazine night be the cleverest cabling I’ve ever seen.

    • It’s not mine, but if you click the link in the post it will take you to the Ravelry listing for the pattern, where it can be purchased. Or you can buy it directly from Brooklyn Tweed.

  2. For me, the outstanding design in the collection is Galloway. Jared Flood’s own designs always hit the mark.

  3. Oh man, I love this but the Wallace wrap/scarf immediately gave me tingly feelings, it looks so comfy!

  4. Oh, yes, oh wow, did I ever go nuts on this latest Look Book. Be still my heart!
    PS… their patterns layouts ARE crazy – I’m with grace. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment if I can even figure out how to cast on. ;)

  5. Hi Karen,

    I really appreciate your PSA because BT can rethink their pattern presentation–maybe lose the wide margins and small print to use fewer pages. Most of us print out the patterns to work on. Perhaps you or others in the business can send them a note about that so that we can all conserve what we can.


    • Good point! They are based in Portland, OR and people are pretty paper saving out here. At work they ask you not to print in color and only what you need.

  6. That hat is the perfect partner to your sweater.
    I was disappointed with BT lookbook. Not enough for the simple folk this time. I have some worsted Lakes Fiber yarn and need just the right pattern. But looking is half the fun!

    • I agree. I was bit disappointed too by this collection-even though I had been eagerly waiting for its release- from the staging of the pieces ( looks like a JCrew catalogue to me!) to the breadth of the selection ( I second dddress’s comment) but, I must say, Norah Gaughn always stands out when it comes to originality and innovation. I wish BT would gice her a “Capsule” to showcase her talent!

  7. Ohhh, there are quite a few patterns I sighed over, and c’mon, Equis? How awesome is that pattern? I wish I could quit my job and just knit.

  8. It is a beautiful collection. I think my fave is Julie Hoover’s little Sommers hat. The shape of it is spare and unique. Not quite a beret, almost like a toque. Love at first sight, for me. And the colorwork in Jared’s cardi is just perfection. Not enough hands or time….sigh…..

  9. I’ll be waiting to see what color you choose for Huck. It is a great design. There’s so many wonderful knits in their collection. I just bought Galloway. Don’t worry, I only printed the charts. That’s one page. However, I appreciate the details in the BT patterns. I download the pdf to my Kindle and read it thoroughly before I cast on, keeping my Kindle by my side while I knit. I also read your blog on my Kindle. I’m not bothered by long patterns. One of the advantages of our digital age is that designers can provide as much information about their designs as they wish.

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