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I got back to Nashville late Tuesday, homemade jeans in hand and beaming with pride. We did take pics while I was in Colorado, so I’ll tell you all about them on Monday. But meanwhile, a bit of Elsewhere:

– Many of you know about the hilarious and talented DG Strong (@amazingdg), one of my oldest/dearest friends and the guy responsible for getting all of your Fringe Supply Co. orders out the door so quickly, among other things. But did you know he’s a State Fair Best in Show ribbon winner? He’d love to tell you all about it. (photo, above left)

– State the Label (ref.) and a whole bunch of other indie brands are having a hurricane relief fundraiser today — details here

– Felicia has written another super thoughtful piece, this time about Our fear of going back, of undoing or redoing, and it ties in to our recent discussion here about how we feel about mistakes. (above right)

– The North Face + Fibershed = Climate-beneficial beanie

– Cute new pants pattern from True Bias, the Lander Pant

The Refashioners challenge is always a highlight of the year. (Related: Never not wowed by Sasha.)

– “Designer jeans are a relatively new phenomenon; people who ordinarily wouldn’t have worn the Western jeans thought it was okay to wear them if they had a designer name on them, as opposed to Levi’s, Lee or Wrangler—the traditional jeans manufacturers,” Calvin Klein told Playboy in 1984. “My name is on the outside of the jeans and on the inside of almost everything else I make …”

– and I love absolutely everything about this photo and caption

IN TINY SHOP NEWS: We have a darling new option for you tiny scissors lovers, Lykke short-tip interchangeable sets are back in stock, and the bone narrow-rim buttons are now available in itty bitty 10mm. Plus I’ve done a few more mark-downs in the sale section!

I get to have an actual sleep-in-do-whatever weekend this weekend, and I’m so excited about it after the last jam-packed month. Happy knitting, and see you next week!






4 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. In regard to our fear of going back: Loved these quotes: “we do what we do because we love knitting this (setback) is simply more knitting” (EZ) and “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” – Franklin D. Roosevelt
    I ripped out an entire sleeve last weekend because the increases made it look more like a lobster claw than a sleeve! One week later, I’m a happy camper as the new improved sleeve looks so right!
    I’m envious of your Colorado trip. Fancy Tiger Crafts is one of my dream getaway destinations! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Love the jean-wearing woman bending far back to get them zipped. That year I was in display for some Bay Area stores called Emporium-Capwells. We had to cut the backs of all jeans to fit the mannequins or leave them unzipped and a top to cover it.
    P.S. I LOVE my tiny stork scissors!

  3. The Lander pattern is a total winner in my book, and I loved it made up in that green with white buttons. Congrats on your jeans; I’m still in the early days of getting mine together.

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