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Phew, this week has been a humdinger and I am so glad it’s Friday. We were on the road last weekend (and Path of Totality in our own backyard day; way to go, Karen!) and I have some travels ahead of me, so I’m super excited to be home this weekend, no obligations beautiful weather for seaming my sweater on the porch, and hoping to sew my pants for Summer of Basics!

This batch of Elsewhere is a whole lot of eye candy and a couple of interesting reads:

– Most interesting piece I’ve ever read about wartime knitting brigades — and the photos are beyond amazing (thanks, dg)

Lori is absolutely killing me with all the Sven and Solveig photos (above right)

Stunning map of Pakistan made up of regional embroidery styles

Good lord those swatches (above left)

– These little crochet/leaf scultpures are jaw-droppingly beautiful

And this crocheted play structure is IN.CREDIBLE.

– I’m obsessed with these slightly insane sewing patterns: Sharewear from Atatac — see the Garments section for sewn examples (thx, Deborah) (I downloaded five of them.)

5 simple ways to spend less money on clothes (as true for making as for shopping)

God bless Helen Mirren (see also)

A brief history of silhouettes — I love this stuff

IN SHOP NEWS: We finally got a fresh batch of the narrow-rim horn and bone buttons, and the fourth installment of the Mason-Dixon Field Guides, Log Cabin is here!

Happy weekending, everyone—



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  1. Have an old photo of my paternal grandfather with his WWI knitting group at Brown University! Wish I had known about his knitting when he was still alive. No one in the family ever mentioned it. But he was a chemist by training and so no doubt had the math down! Thanks for this particular story. Always look forward to “Elsewhere”!

  2. Happy weekending to you too!
    I’m happy to see that Fringe is a good source of buttons. A week or so ago, I asked you about the buttons on your Archer (not knowing that Fringe carried them!). I have several Mason jars of old buttons, given to me by friends, and I normally use those, as I like the mashup effect, especially with MOPs. But now I know where to find great bone buttons! Thank you!!

    • We do sell bone buttons, and I’m trying to get them in a smaller size, but the pearly ones I used were not from Fringe. I am hoping to add them soon, though!

  3. So much great stuff to explore here, but I am especially grateful for the wartime knitting link. I’ve been researching stitching and women’s history and basically paying tribute in a new series of paintings. The Suffragettes cross-stitching on hankies in prison because they could record names and events on their work without the guards getting alarmed, the Gee’s Bend quilts and the effect they’ve had on the art world and painters, etc.. And this piece is a treasure trove of inspiration as well, many thanks!

  4. I loved reading about the Wartime Knitting Brigades.
    Diana is coming home – no more beautiful photography from Norway.
    Sven and Solveig – so cute.
    Thanks. Have a great weekend.

  5. Karen, I had to leave a comment to ask if you’ve read the Loud Slow Fashion column in the latest issue of Pom Pom Quarterly? It spoke to the color lover in me and with all the slow fashion talk here I thought it was pretty awesome too. Have a great weekend.

  6. I so appreciate all you do, and want you to know that you have strongly influenced how I think about what to make. I am more thoughtful in my project choices, really considering how practical a garment will be in my wardrobe. Thank you for all of the information you throw our way, especially your planning thoughts, etc. I think it’s amazing how much of yourself you put out to our world of makers.

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