Make Your Own Basics: The hat

Make Your Own Basics: The hat

In the realm of hats, Purl Soho’s pattern collection (mainly free patterns, a few not) has most of the basics bases covered. Their Basic Hats for Everyone pattern alone (top) covers myriad expressions of the worsted-weight stocking cap: with or without ribbing, a pompom, earflaps; mix and match as you please. Knit 4″ of ribbing instead of 1″, fold it up, and you’ve got your classic Watch Cap. Purl also has a cabled gem in their Traveling Cable Hat (bottom),  the aran sweater of beanies. For a timeless bit of 2×2 ribbing, might I suggest my own Stadium Hat (middle left, free pattern), with or without the marl and/or stripe. And if you’re more of a beret person, try Churchmouse’s Cashmere Beret (middle right) or Felted Shetland Beret.


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  1. Both Purl Soho and Churchmouse Yarns are brilliant at offering up beautiful basics (hats and more) in gorgeous yarns. Fantastic marketing strategy for both companies, great resources for making. Now, if only we could mail order here in Canada without those troublesome duties, brokerage fees, and taxes! I’m thinking about acquiring a post office box on Wellesley Island (US side of the border), which many of my friends have done to work around the problem. Of course, then one has to deal with the border crossing… No easy solution, unfortunately.

  2. My favourite basic hat pattern is from Quince – Folded Brim Hat (free pattern). I make it in Lopi and a little bit shorter than the pattern calls for. I find that I have to add 8 or 16 stitches to have it fit my head. I love how the pattern does its decreases. It is the perfect simple rustic farm hat for me!

  3. I was just thinking this morning, it might be time to knit up a Churchmouse beret. They are my favorite hat cuz they don’t flatten your hair and they are so darn chic. I’ll admit they are more decorative than truly warm, but it isn’t often I need a really warm hat anyway.

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